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  1. SoCalMX70

    Help with head shake

    For fast desert adjust sag to 110mm. If you went in 1/4 turn (clockwise) on the high speed comp, put it back where it was. You want the rear lower, not higher. Did you only have your forks revalved? If so, your other problem might be an imbalance between front and rear. This is going to require some fiddling with the clickers until you get her balanced out... Or getting your shock revalved as well if all else fails. Put a zip tie on one of the fork legs and see how much travel you're using on your rides. If the front end feels divey and it appears you're using all of your travel (especially on easier rides) go in 2 or 3 clicks stiffer on the compression. If you're not using at least 3/4 of the travel, go the other way. The forks can start twisting all over if it is on the extreme ends of either too soft or too stiff. Make sure you do all adjustments one at a time until the problem subsides. The key is to note the difference you feel with each adjustment. Do compression changes 2 to 3 clicks at a time, but only do rebound ONE click at a time. One last thing, speaking in general terms, desert riding tends to favor a lower rear (hence the high sag measurement) and a bit stiffer rebound. However if you're frequently in slower rocky areas you'll want faster rebound. Compression is adjusted to the point that you aren't bottoming either end over any terrain/obstacles.
  2. SoCalMX70

    Aftermarket Levers for YZ250X?

    For another option, I love my Renthal Intellilever clutch. Amazing feel!
  3. SoCalMX70

    18' yz250 jetting after vforce and full exhuast

    Start with 48 pilot, N3EW needle in 2nd clip, 175 main. Fine tune air screw (start at 1 turn) and maybe go up to 178 main depending on how fast (on the gas) you ride. You can also try a 40 Power Jet (there's a thread here somewhere). I did and I love it. If you do, bump up the needle 1 richer (3rd clip).
  4. SoCalMX70

    CA emmision regulation changes

    Found it... According to the proposal PDF: • Documents released for formal comment period – September 4, 2018 • Board Hearing – October 25, 2018 So, perhaps new docs next week?
  5. SoCalMX70

    CA emmision regulation changes

    I recall seeing somewhere that some sort of vote or comment period is/starts September 4th? Details? Thank you for all the info btw... I've seen your posts in a couple places. Very helpful!
  6. SoCalMX70

    Yamaha YZ ESR 325 (2-T) Review

    This guy will never get a cent from me. "I don't work for ESR". BULLSHIT. I've seen enough of your posts all over in anything related to YZ250s...
  7. SoCalMX70

    CA emmision regulation changes

    What is the current status on this?
  8. SoCalMX70

    Yz125 sound clip

    Sounds like too short and too low quality of a clip to judge. Sounded loaded up/rich there at the end though.
  9. SoCalMX70

    Should I replace my top end?

    True story... Today I counted up my orders for this year (maintenance parts, oil, etc) because I've been racing. 41 orders so far... FORTY ONE! I do go a bit overkill with maintenance and keeping things "perfect", but my bike hasn't let me down yet!
  10. SoCalMX70

    Should I replace my top end?

    As long as you're confident in your/your mechanic's work there's nothing to "make sure" of. It's either going to run right or blow up... Just put a new piston in and not worry about taking it apart for another 25-50 hours. Putting this one back in then an hour later replacing it is an unnecessary hassle.
  11. SoCalMX70

    Should I replace my top end?

    After seeing my buddy's piston in an unknown hours YZ that had good compression, just replace it. His was cracked and looked like it would let go any ride, so he got lucky that he did the tear down. Don't let the fatigue get to the point where a crack starts forming... Replace it and get an hour meter. Replace every 25-30 if you race, 50 if you dont. Sound conservative? Probably is, but I'd rather be throwing pistons at my bike every season rather than rebuilding the entire motor. Edit: And I now see your reply about the bottom end. I know it might suck, but just put the extra $100-130 into a new piston and rings and say you have a brand new motor.
  12. SoCalMX70

    YZ250 How's My Idle?

    42 pilot is too small for sea level. fatten that up to a 45 (at LEAST), 1 turn out on AS, set the idle. Shouldn't hang.
  13. SoCalMX70

    YZ250 rear tire choice?

  14. SoCalMX70

    Power Jet #40

    Rainy weekend? It took me 20 minutes. Get in there and do it!
  15. SoCalMX70

    YZ250 2nd to 1st neutral issue?

    Mine does it. I ride moto though so if I hit neutral it was a mistake on my part. Normally the lowest gear I hit is 2nd for inside ruts... Never intentionally go for 1st.