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  1. SoCalMX70

    Anyone riding their YZ250X for motocross?

    I almost exclusively race with OTHG and my bike started as a 2016 YZ250X... So, ask me anything, bud! South chapter here. First thing, do the powervalve mod (remove washer). You'll welcome the increase in power for the track. It is the single biggest improvement I've made to my X. 4th gear is a bit of a pain in the ass for tracks. I actually swapped my gears out for regular YZ gears. I'm not saying this is 100% absolutely necessary, but the close ratio is simply better on tracks imo... Especially if you're always at different tracks (different layouts, speeds, etc). The wide ratio setup leaves you wanting in some situations. Edit: Noticed this thread is old.... Oops!
  2. SoCalMX70

    YZ250X owners - Petcock Issue

    Just a heads up, if you ever experience sudden bogging, followed by fuel dumping out your overflow/vent tubes... Chances are the "On" position fuel tube of the petcock has freed itself inside your tank. These things appear to be press-fit together, which is apparently not a great design. This happened to me about a month ago at the track, right before a double, which I of course came up short on in a full superman style as I had zero power up the face of the jump. It was my last ride before my short off-season top end rebuild, so I dug into the carb during that process and found the pilot, main, and needle all gummed up from 2.5 years of build-up at the bottom of the tank. I was somewhat surprised by this because I actually use a filter when filling my gas cans, mixing, filling the bike, etc... But sludge is going to sludge I guess! I already had the MX style petcock sitting on the shelf (since I only ride track now and planned on swapping em out eventually), so quick fix for me once the carb was cleaned up. I am well aware that this could have easily been a rare one-off type issue, but I thought I'd put it out there just in case anyone else experiences any problems.
  3. SoCalMX70

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    TOP men.
  4. SoCalMX70

    Long YZF spring fitment

    Awesome, thanks!
  5. SoCalMX70

    Long YZF spring fitment

    5.5 Ti spring with double pink marks. It's longer than the standard YZ spring. Any fitment issues or other concerns with this? Looks like there would be plenty of room if I back out the preload adjustment enough... Searching back it seems people have been swapping YZF/YZ springs without issue. Just want to double check.
  6. SoCalMX70

    19 YZ250X Clutch Cable

    Plates and springs are new (few hours), I change the oil every other ride, and it's properly adjusted. I know what I'm doing I just didn't describe it properly. With the bike running and warm it doesn't really pull more than it's a "tension" I can feel. And every bike I've ever rode has had this. When it isn't running, there is no way I'd push the bike in gear. Pain in the ass... Always use neutral.
  7. SoCalMX70

    19 YZ250X Clutch Cable

    I'm not sure that I've ever had a dirtbike that I could easily push around with it off + in gear + clutch pulled in. And yes, my YZ pulls slightly when running as well. I'd say it's normal.
  8. Over the past week... Top end, reeds, thorough carb cleaning, air filters all cleaned an oiled, new tank/shroud graphics (stuck with retro look, designed them myself on motocal.com). Ripped at Glen Helen on Thursday...
  9. SoCalMX70

    To ball hone or to not ball hone a plated cylinder

    Just did a new top end a week ago, 2nd one since new. Cylinder still looks brand new, no scratches (except the still visible cross-hatch). I sprayed some decarbonizer in the cylinder, ports, PV, etc, and let it soak for awhile, then wiped it down with a paper towel. I've done similar things in the past... For example, brake cleaner and a paper towel. Then I use an air compressor to blow everything out. Anyway, I warmed up the bike twice for a few minutes once it was back together. Then I ripped it hard at Glen Helen on Thursday. Literally, unloaded, quick warm up, start straight, then first big hill tapped in 3rd, next hill tapped in 4th. She felt as strong as new from the get go and ran hard all day. ­čśÄ I'll probably never change my methods.
  10. SoCalMX70

    Rebuilt yz125. Is this normal?

    Repack the silencer.
  11. SoCalMX70

    YZ250X more overrev

    That's another thing I wanted to chime in on... 5th gear on a stock X in sand is definitely a tall order (no pun intended). The transition from 4th to 5th is tough because you need to be in the very top end of 4th to even hit 5th on the pipe on a flat hard packed trail. Add sand to the equation and you may have a problem. If it's a flat wash and you're not bouncing through whoops or banking off berms, it's not really a problem... Just takes more effort than one might be used to. Again, pv mod makes things a lot easier.
  12. SoCalMX70

    YZ250X more overrev

    Definitely sounds like they were not really "on it", and it could be related to the pv. The mod does wonders to get the power to open up with less effort. 5th gear tapped on that X gearing is like 80mph, and I've been there in the desert... It's not slow.
  13. Haha, I'm well versed in all the premixes. I'm probably going to run 927 in the hot Spring and Summer months this coming year, but I'll be sticking to K2 (after break-in) for now. Always Yamalube 2R for break-in, on my bikes and jet ski.
  14. Vertex, so it started with a black coating on it.
  15. Half way through my prep for 2019 racing. Got the top end in, power valve cleaned up, new reeds. Still needs a little carb love (either needle valve is prematurely worn or something is stopping it from closing), which I will get to on my day off 1/1, then get everything else back together. FYI, the pictured piston had about 40 hours on it. First 20~ was on Yamalube 2R, last 20~ on Maxima K2... Always 32:1 with 50/50 premium pump and VP110. Looked like it could have gone another 40 hours, but I race moto so better safe than sorry!