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  1. I Have supported Blue Ribbon Coalition and AMA financially through clubs and organizations starting over 20 years ago and still believe in their subsistence. However IMHO.. Blue Ribbon has sold us down the “reservation path” with accepting the new Government plan of all “closed unless posted open” And excepting the designation of “OHV” a term coined to legislate against. We don’t need to play by the governments new set of rules because we already possess RIGHTS. A compromise will only cost on our end. I like how the AMA and manufacturers (they didn’t do effective squat) came to bat for the private land owners affected by the legislation passed in some counties of California eliminating and severely restricting the use of “OHV” on PRIVATE LAND. I have included the manufacturers in this incitement of guilty neglect due to creation of LOUD exhausts that inflame the non riding public. Wait until the democratic process is initiated in your local riding areas as citizen’s rise up against you being there. Blm is effectively using this on us now, proposing “OHV” emphasis areas” (areas that already exist over 50 years) and then collecting hundreds of local citizen and enviro/protesters to use against us. Divide and conquer. NOISE has screwed us here. If not for offensive sound levels most people would not even know or care that we are present, but that’s a subject for another 20 or so posts Unless you are actively searching out our Legal Rights to Public lands you will not realize what a sell out this is and how bad all Americans are being screwed out of the rights granted to us. Welcome to the Kings forest preservation…Now get out or view from the exterior… We are currently gathering local support and info for court battles on these issues and hope that it can be pushed to public notice and even the supreme court. There may be found even criminal charges against agencies and individuals for screwing the public trust and willful retooling of the law and code. This battle is just starting to get rolling.. and we will have a website open soon to read, collect and distribute information. If we do not educate ourselves and fight for our granted rights we will lose them. Don’t trust it to someone else or you can’t complain with the results IMO. Get the ball rolling yourself. We are all busy with life but must fight to keep whats ours. For some interesting facts read; Terms to look up and understand; Public lands, Public domain, Rights of way, Title to land, Highway, Rite of Passage, Right of way, Grant. (The government agencies are not “God or King” and cannot urinate on your rights or the rules unless you are ignorant of them. We have commissioned them to be our servants of public lands to serve our granted rights, not our lords) Code to read and think about; RS2477 grant of 1866, 43USC932, 36CFR5, 16USC-27 mandated trail maintenance “Where found” 43USC5350 and 8351.0-6, Omnibus consolidations act of 1997, RS2477 Blm has no authority, Omnibus consolidations act of 1996. “Bad law” HR2262 Start searching and you will be surprised at what you will find in the “Books” and court records that the agencies are neglecting and trying to “Rewrite” Shopken
  2. Write all the letters that you can… However IMHO The problem is originating at the top of the Department of the interior. Department heads placed that believe in a false preservationalist/environmentalist philanthropy at its most extreme that does not believe that off road activity should be allowed or tolerated in any form. The off road community needs to unify and pursue legal action against the government agencies that are breaking the law and bypassing required steps put into place to protect the rights of the public and their free access to public lands. All compromises made with BLM and Forest service are doomed to fail as sure as the government dealings with the Indians… Don’t sell out cheap and compromise with them because all the compromises are coming from rights that you already possess! Search out; The Act of 1866 grants an easement of access over all public domain Locally we have had the privilege of having Abby Josie (infamous and instrumental for shutting down the Barstow to Vegas) of the BLM, doing illegal closures, obstructing trails and writing illegal tickets (they have lost in court over every one written) One local mans story; http://www.flickr.com/photos/22494303@N06/?saved=1 And; http://www.usobserver.com/archive/april-07/trailjail.htm
  3. shopken

    Heat wrap on head pipe

    I have used it in the past not for power but for radiant heat transfer to the radiator on long down hills. It helped in this respect somewhat. I did'nt note any power improvements I did notice that I tended to dent the headpipe a bit more. Maybe just a fluke. I no longer wrap it just because its a pain to keep it clean and re-wire in place
  4. shopken

    Fuel Mileage

    Have you landed on one yet? I used a simular idea in the past. Almost broke my hip landing on a full bottle...then the top burst off. Could have been a lot worse if it went flame-on Reply intended for Kjlectric "Jugs on the belt idea" (sorry new to the forum tools) "I use one gallon Shell Rotella jugs. Run the jug handle through your backpack strap that goes around your waist (or belt). You wont even notice it. You only have to ride 25 to 30 miles until you can dump it in your tank. Then you strap the empty jug on the back of your backpack for later use.
  5. shopken

    Fuel Mileage

    About 70 miles. We ride a lot of wide open long hills mixed with lots of 1st and 2nd gear fairly technical stuff.