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  1. XRRookie

    Installing a new throttle tube/cables??

    It worked....thanks for the input!!
  2. XRRookie

    Installing a new throttle tube/cables??

    That makes perfect sense, I will try that! Thanks.
  3. I am installing new throttle cables on my 02' XR4 and cannot seem to get the second cable on the tube. It acts like it is not long enough? Any suggestions??
  4. XRRookie

    Looking to sell 2001 Xr400

    I guess I got a smokin deal for my 02' XR400.....$2750. All stock, only ridden about 10 hours, great shape. I think it depends on what part of the country your in as well. Bikes here in Oregon are generally priced higher than in Idaho where I bought mine. Good luck!
  5. XRRookie

    This could be bad??

    Ok, I need some input. I just got a 2002 XR4 and was doing some routine maintenance. I pulled the spark plug, (which was a b@#$%), but then realized that the area around the hole was dirty. So rather than putting the plug back in to clean around it, which is what I probably should have done, I used my air compressor to blow out the dirt! Not thinking (obviously) and possibly blew some dirt particles down into the plug hole creating possible problem for the piston? And ideas or ways to clean this out? I was thinking of attaching a small rubber tube to my shopvac to get down in the hole????
  6. XRRookie

    Plug wrench help

    Just the answer I was looking for...they wanted $22.95 for a "Motion Pro" socket at the local MX shop....Sears is the way to go, Thanks.