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  1. cbader4224

    check JS out at red bud...

    great pics...not to mention a great talent
  2. cbader4224

    I scored on this...ASV clutch

    yup thats me!! now im just waiting for the black brake lever to start at .01
  3. cbader4224

    new crf 450

    wow, i second that, nice garage. And congrats on the new bike. What other toys arent we seeing pictures of??
  4. cbader4224

    I scored on this...ASV clutch

    So i won this ASV F3 Pro series clutch on ebay, and the cool part is, i got it for .01, yes one cent!!!! plus shipping. I was suprised i didnt get outbid. Now i just need the matching brake lever, which ASV is now selling for a fixed price on ebay, go figure huh ASV F3 Pro clutch lever anyone have any suggestions on the install, besides taking my time...i havent installed one of these before
  5. cbader4224

    whos televising mx nationals?

    yah redbeard is right...but they are showing them a week late. So the races from last weekend will be on Saturday, then they show the lites i think on tuesday
  6. cbader4224

    Chains & Handle Bars

    if he is, arent they only rated for 250cc max??? I think im gonna go with the did 520mx chain. still up in the air as far as bars go
  7. cbader4224

    Chains & Handle Bars

    Ive done a fair amount of searching and came up with a few diff chains im looking into but my question is, which chain is pretty much a direct replacement for the stock one? I have heard the DID 520VT Narrow T-ring is good, the DID 520MX non O-ring and the DID 520ERT non O-ring are all good. What is the difference between these, is it only their strength? I dont want to get into having to rivet the chain on either. What would you guys suggest? And as far as bars go, im 6'5 and was looking at the Tag T-2 CR Hi Ride bars, but was told i need an over sized clamp. Would this be a decent bar for a taller rider?
  8. cbader4224

    05 CRF 450R Must Haves?

    Not trying to threadjack, but on the topic of a new chain, which chain is pretty much a direct replacement in place of the crappy stock chain? I have heard the DID 520MX non O-ring chain is good and i have heard the DID 520VT Narrow T-Ring is good. I dont want to have to rivet the actual chain...just looking for a stronger/better chain that is a direct replacement.
  9. cbader4224

    Hangtown Moto One R E S U L T S !!!!!!!

    thanks for that info....sounds like RC would have won if he didnt go down. I also noticed that Millsaps moved up, wonder why he isnt riding the lites, i mean the kid is only 18
  10. cbader4224

    Need some Socal help...

    man i just read through all 4 pages of this...good luck with the job! You'll soon grow fond of the great weather and all the great tracks near you
  11. cbader4224

    Motorsports Expo May 19-21, OC Fairgrounds

    i saw this in the paper also...to bad im working all weekend
  12. cbader4224

    Baja trip with TT members?

    what kind of riding does the baja require? Im guessing a lot of sand and really hot temperatures
  13. cbader4224

    I am in a spicy relatioship with my CRF450

    wow that mexico ride sounds like a lot of fun...id be interested if i could get the time off work!
  14. cbader4224

    Gorman Track Help...Lessons

    if we could get a date for the track rental i could have 2 of us there. Lets do it! Im sure the private rentals are going to start getting booked up quick. We need to figure out something as far as getting money together and figuring out the dates! Any ideas?
  15. cbader4224

    Gorman Track Help...Lessons

    i emailed them about a track rental day...what is the cost? I heard from someone that its about $400 if you rent it from 9-1 I could get myself and another friend