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    Trail tech - Vapor

    Has anyone tried / fitted the Trail tech Vapor? I'm interested in this due to the hour meter, rev counter & engine temp features, as well as the usual speed & distance read-outs.. WR Geezer.
  2. WR Geezer

    Tire recommendation for North Florida

    IMHO there are only 3 choices- #1~ Michelin S12 #2~ Michelin S12 #3~ Michelin S12 Take your pick.. WR G.
  3. WR Geezer

    Hot Cams Question

    I fitted a stage 1 a month ago (together with a high comp piston & SS valves) and love the improved torque. Pulls better & harder at the bottom end, (better in swamps & hill climbs) but hasn't changed the top end. Can't tell you if the cam or the piston had the most effect though? Sorry. WR G.
  4. WR Geezer

    Larger tire size?

    I love the way the slimmer tyres spin up quicker than the big fatties.. Big grip is great, but you need the ponies to go with it, otherwise it's bog city... Get the backend singing, and have fun! WR G
  5. WR Geezer

    coolant leak?

    Do you know there was coolant in the res. before you started? If you can't see any obvious leaks, and you have no 'milk shake', check the small 'weep' hole under the water pump when the engin is hot. The water pump O rings could be passing? Finaly, check the rad cap. Is it getting soft & opening when it shouldn't? WR G.
  6. WR Geezer

    Hard to start

    I'll bet the poblem will be 1 of 3 things.. 1~Inlet valves, probably the right one. 2~Inlet valves, probably the right one. 3~Inlet valves, probably the right one. Check these 3. Good luck! WR G.
  7. WR Geezer

    Michelin M12/S12 Tire Combo

    My wepon of choice is always the S12 (on the back). It's got more grip than a tax man!! However, I've found the 18 / 100/ 100 works very well on the 250X. I like the way the thinner tyre spins up quicker than the 120, especially in mud/sand, and once the backend lights up, it's fun time.. The last thing I want on a low power motor (there, I said it!!) is too much bite (bite can = bog). On my WR450 I use a 120, and on my XR650 I go with the 130 (no bog issues here) WR G.
  8. WR Geezer

    Bar risers & cable problems.

    Guy's, Having read through a number of threads, I've fitted some bar risers (25mm / 1") to help out my ride position as I'm 6'3". My problem now, is that my throtle cables are way to tight on full right lock! I've tried all-sorts of routes for the cables, with no sucess. I just can't find enough slack to accommodate the new bar hight. Has anyone else had this problem?? WR G.
  9. WR Geezer

    Bar risers & cable problems.

    Guy's, Thanks for your input. I've ordered some custom cables (+2") This should let me play with various positions without further problems.. WR G.
  10. WR Geezer

    A curious valve question

    The stud snapped approx 2 inch up from the crank case. WR G.
  11. WR Geezer

    A curious valve question

    A curious coincidence? 3 weeks ago, (due to a moving inlet valve), I completed a full top end re-build, high comp piston, SS inlet valves, hot cam, cam chain, gaskets etc..... Whilst torquing the head down, one of the cylinder studs (hold the barrel down onto the crank case) snapped. Oh-well, they're only cheap (£5 / $10) so I replaced all 4 with new studs. Last week, whilst on a hare & hound, my bottom radiator hose cam off (probably my fault, not tightening the rad hose up properly). This dumped all my water & cooked the engine. So back to the workshop. Luckily, only the piston rings looked scorched, so I changed them. Whilst re-building the cylinder (for the second time in 2 weeks) I managed to snap another cylinder stud!!! And this time they are only 2 hours old! [before you ask, there is nothing wrong with the torque wrench] Now, was this just bad luck, or is there more to it than luck, because both of the studs that snapped were adjacent to the right inlet valve, the very same valve that is well known for deforming. Is there a cooling problem in this area I ask myself? Is it just a coincidence that the two snapped studs & a deformed valve are in the same location???? Is this a localised heat problem? WR G
  12. WR Geezer

    A curious valve question

    It would be interesting to know if it was the right rear?? WR G
  13. WR Geezer

    A curious valve question

    Well, I torqued them by the book, IE with a dab of grease on the nut's & washers. Fact is, that bolts & studs snap, but my theory is that these snapped studs (both in the same location) could be related to the left inlet valve issue, and could be due to a localised poor cooling issue??? WR G
  14. WR Geezer

    Battery Not Enough Crank Power

    Get your 'new battery' checked. You'll be surprised how many 'new batteries' are duff. If it's OK keep it well charged. You need to remember that the started & battery are as small & light as Honda could make them to keep the overall bike weight down. It may be worth checking your starter isn't gummed-up with crud. Also check your valve clearances. The 250x get's more difficult to start with out-of-spec valves. WRG
  15. WR Geezer

    how to?

    I used a soldering iron. Like a knife through butter..... WRG.
  16. WR Geezer

    Road gearing?

    Hi Guy's, I'm taking my 650R off the dirt for a while, and will be useing it for Sunday morning blasts with my buddies. I'll be keeping the stock rims, but putting road rubber on them. What gearing have you found to work best to give good road legs? Cheers, WR G.
  17. WR Geezer

    Right Intake has gone to 0

    Put the tools & shims down & pick up your credit card. WR G.
  18. WR Geezer

    Should I get a 250x

    Make sure you're happy with the increased maintainance! The 250x is a slave to the workshop compaired to the 150... Valves, shims, oil, filters, ..... WR G.
  19. WR Geezer

    Trail Tech Vapor Tach Install - Please Help

    I also grounded the black wire, but the red wire I connected to one of the wires in the small plug that connects onto the coil. The plug pops apart, you connect the red wire, and 'click' it back together again. It was all in the instructions. WR G.
  20. WR Geezer

    My quest for more bottom end grunt.

    My right inlet has zero'd, so it's time for some SS replacements. Whilst I'm in there, I'm dropping a Hot Cam (stage 1) in at the same time. So here's the question, has anyone changed to an R header when fitting a Hot cam, and if so, did it help, or does the Hot cam work well with the X header? Mod's already complete- FMF Q can, JD jets, AP mod. WR Geezer.
  21. WR Geezer

    250x Rev Limiter

    Scott, I don't know what the limit is set at, but I have a Trailtech Vapour which records the max RPM I've hit. The max it has ever recorded is about 11250, and I've pushed it hard... You can do the pink wire mod to increase the RPM, but I'm happy running with less stress on the motor. WR Geezer.
  22. WR Geezer


    Move to England. It's wet & cold here (it's also summer) No overheating problems. Count your blessings!
  23. WR Geezer

    Road gearing?

    Thanks guy's. I'm gona go with 14 / 44, and see how that 'feels'. Cheers, WR G
  24. WR Geezer

    High compression pistons

    There are lots of mod's listed through the theads here on TT, but one that I've not seen many discussions on is high compression pistons. So, who's fitted one, and what was the outcome? What are the benefits, and what are the risks?? WR Geezer.
  25. Ouch! I think what WS means is the 'forum search' function works like a charm. There's more 'mod' info there than you could shake a stick at. Start by searching ccc mods, then book a week off work to read all the info... Happy trails, WR G.