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  1. The company that makes the Pilot Screw is Stealth Racing Tech. I am testing in the shop on a stand. Have not gotten in the bike yet. Could I have over tightened the screw with my fingers? Thanks!
  2. I recently jetted my '06 CRF450R. It had a 168 Main, and a 42 Pilot Jet. I rejetted to a 160 Main (altitude 6000 ft asl) and a 40 Pilot. I also added a thumb adjustable pilot screw. Upon restart, a hesitation on snap throttle was present. I could not get the bike to run rough or stall, even when pilot screw was at "0" turns, or all the way in. I switched back to a 42 Pilot jet and got very similar results. I checked for air leaks and could detect any, given a basic visual on the carburator boot. Does anyone know what I did wrong? Could the Pilot screw be bad? Certainly the 160 Main would not be a problem - could it? Thanks, Dynoguy
  3. I recently purchased an 03 YZF250 with the typical off idle bog issue. I live in Colorado Springs, CO at ~6200ft. I have installed a pilot adjustment screw for easy tuning and changed a few jets based on my readings at TT. The PJ is now a 42 (baseline #40). I also backed the leak jet from 100 to 60. My 1st question: When tuning the pilot screw for smooth idle (1 to 2.5 turns), what should the tach be reading and should the idle speed screw (throttle adjustment) be set to? Is there a set order? Should I close the throttle all the way and reset speed after the pilot screw is adjusted? This will cause the engine to die. My 2nd question: Regarding the leak jet, what size should I be running at my altitude. Thanks for any help. Dyno Guy