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  1. marci

    03 WR450 Valve question

    Thanks Indy_WR450. I think I will tear her down soon and refresh. Its not really that expensive considering the life you add to the engine by doing things like rings, springs, cam chain and other bits n peices. The only thing Im bit undecided about is if I should replace the valves. They are quite costly and I dont want to part with the cash if I dont need to. Not sure what I should do?
  2. Hi, I have a WR450 with around 10,000km on it (6000miles) and I was wondering if I should start thinkinig about any serious maintenance. The bike still runs strong but I dont want to wait too long and regret it. I hear that some WR400's did break a valve and ruin the engine. Yamaha went to titanium valves in 01 with the 426 as far as i know, has this resolved the issue? Does anyone know of any WR450's that dropped a valve? Do the titanium valves have a life limit on them? So many questions Thanks alot
  3. marci

    WR450 vs YZ426 gearing

    Wow, thanks Numskull This helps me a lot. I think i may go for the WR afterall because I can gear down the YZ to get the trque at low speeds but then I will be changing gears every 2 sec and my top speed will not be that great. Plus I get the magic button with the WR450 Thanks again
  4. marci

    WR450 vs YZ426 gearing

    Hi, I am looking into getting a WR450 or a YZ426. I plan to ride mainly in the woods and some beach tracks. Im trying to save a bit of $ by getting the YZ instead of the the WR. I dont mind not having the e-button. My main concern is the gearing. Does anyone have the gear ratios for the two bikes? I mainly need the primary ratio and the gearbox ratios. The sprockets are easily changed so i dont really mind if I have to do those.