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  1. Rabbitt06CRF

    District 37 96dbA limit

    How long do these races typically last timewise? Obviously, the faster you are, the faster you finish, but approx. how long does an average rider take to complete all 4 laps?
  2. Rabbitt06CRF

    District 37 96dbA limit

    Awesome, thanks for the info. I've never raced with D37 before so im not sure what my number will be, is that something that is assigned to you when you register? Planning on racing the Desert Scrambles this weekend as a warm up for the HYR 6hr as well as the 12hr later on and possibly the BITD Vegas to Reno, if we decide to man up;)
  3. Rabbitt06CRF

    Lets see those 450's!

  4. Rabbitt06CRF

    District 37 96dbA limit

    Does anyone have any experience with District 37, and how strict are they with this sound limit req? I will be using a stock silencer/head pipe configuration with a Pro-Moto Billet spark arrestor attatchment. I have no way of testing the decibles.