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  1. kmk_till_rip450

    Seized motor-month old

    all this talk makes me want to buy another honda 450..... i am considering the kx but damn seize after 6 hours wow..... i dont know what to think now about buying cause when i 1st bought my honda it ran like a champ... for the whole year..... nick
  2. kmk_till_rip450

    How many of you wish it was a 5-speed?

    hey my name is nick, i ride dunes more than half the year so i needed to know how this bike holds in the dunes.....i switched to four strokes 3 years ago when i bought the honda 450.....and it held awesome in the dunes but has to much problems with the motor..... so i wanted to know whats up with the kawi in the dunes.... thanks, nick
  3. kmk_till_rip450

    holding up?

    yeah man i was not trying to get everything off track but i really want to know about this bike because i dont know what to buy the new 06 honda or the kawi 450... i really want to make a change but i have been hearing alot of bad stuff about the kawi.. and i just wanted to know and that dude was being a prick..... if you could write back and let me know whats up with this bike i would appericate that thanks....... nick
  4. kmk_till_rip450

    holding up?

    undefined suck my ****ing dick you &%$#@!..... your coool cause you talk shit on a dirtbike forum....holy shit wish i could be like you.. ALL I AM GOING TO SAY TO YOU IS **** YOU....
  5. kmk_till_rip450

    holding up?

    well man, iam not to much a track rider considering we dont have a track in my area......all i do is freeride..i have had a honda 450 for the last 3 years... witch was way faster then the kawi would be....but i need to know how this bike holds in dunes cause i go about 10 times a year....and mostly into tech freeriding.....so i heard the suspension sucks, and only 3 usable gears.. and iam not ready to spend then money on something that is not going to fit my style....... figured the ppl on here would have some answers to the questions that i got about the kawi.... like the suspension, gearing,turning, and just if iam going to have valve problems and air filter issues like i did with the honda 450.... well hit me back.... later
  6. kmk_till_rip450

    holding up?

    How fast is the KX450F at top speed??? I heard someone clocked it in at 80..So I was just wondering...
  7. kmk_till_rip450

    holding up?

    i ve heard that the kx450f would be a great bike if it had more than 3 usable gears, and did not bottom out all the time......hearing this makes me want to shy away from the bike.....dont know what to think here....
  8. kmk_till_rip450

    holding up?

    look i need an honest answer here with the shit.......i have rode honda 450's for 3 years.....but i have been having nothing but problems with them..... i have been hearing alot of different opinions about this kx450f. i really need to know how they are cause i have to make the decision next weekend....
  9. kmk_till_rip450

    kxf 450 suspension

    so overall how good or bad is this suspension?????? (on the kx450f)