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  1. ATF Dextron 3 is used by lots of 2t riders.
  2. scriberman


    Any good hard facing rod, I've used armex to build up a broken tooth on a clutch gear. Bit of free hand grinding to fit. Engineers blue on cam to check full width contact.
  3. I made a adjustable axle for a yzf 250 with a Ali eccentric center and long 10mm cap hd bolts from either end, no problems with strength. You would be surprised how soft the standard axels are. I bent one while using it to hold a wheel for machining.
  4. scriberman

    Left Hand Rear Brake

    That's correct, If you hold the hand brake on and push the foot brake the hand brake lever pushes out a bit then goes solid. You need someone with a lathe to make a adapter that goes to the bottom of the res with a O ring under it and a thread on the top/ tapped hole for a fitting.
  5. scriberman

    Left Hand Rear Brake

    The adapter bolts into the reservoir but bypasses the sight glass window.
  6. That will suit me just fine. Thanks.
  7. What are the effects of changing a 2 stroke silencer dimensions? Running a PE 175 and after rummaging through my parts stash I've found a KTM 250 silencer that can be made to fit. The PE expansion chamber outlet is 22mm ID with a length of about 190mm The standard PE silencer is 21 ID Inlet, 460 Lg with a outlet of 32.5 but has a spark arrestor. The KTM Silencer is 27 ID inlet, 27 outlet and also 460 Lg. Any views on how this might affect the power? Thanks, Steve.
  8. scriberman

    1981 PE 175 Front sprocket

    After giving the chain guide a bit of "steerage" it looks like the boss towards the engine is correct.
  9. scriberman

    1981 PE 175 Front sprocket

    Front sprocket has a boss on one side , can someone confirm this goes to engine side?? Thanks, Steve.
  10. scriberman

    Wiseco Crankshafts

    Factory fresh,
  11. scriberman

    80`s clutch basket compatible on 94?

    1986 RM80 CLUTCH (K-L-M-N-P-R) 1986 RM80S CLUTCH (MODEL K-L-M-N-P-R-S) 1987 RM80 CLUTCH (K-L-M-N-P-R) 1987 RM80S CLUTCH (MODEL K-L-M-N-P-R-S) 1988 RM80S CLUTCH (MODEL K-L-M-N-P-R-S) 1989 RM80S CLUTCH (MODEL K-L-M-N-P-R-S) 1990 RM80S CLUTCH (MODEL K-L-M-N-P-R-S) 1991 RM80S CLUTCH (MODEL K-L-M-N-P-R-S) 1992 RM80S CLUTCH (MODEL K-L-M-N-P-R-S) 1993 RM80 CLUTCH (K-L-M-N-P-R) 1993 RM80S CLUTCH (MODEL K-L-M-N-P-R-S) 1994 RM80S CLUTCH (MODEL K-L-M-N-P-R-S) 1995 RM80 CLUTCH (MODEL K-L-M-N-P-R-S) 1995 RM80S CLUTCH (MODEL K-L-M-N-P-R-S) 1996 RM80 CLUTCH 1997 RM80 CLUTCH 1998 RM80 CLUTCH 1999 RM80 CLUTCH 2000 RM80 CLUTCH 2001 RM80 CLUTCH 2002 RM85 CLUTCH 2003 RM85 CLUTCH 2003 RM85L CLUTCH 2004 RM85 CLUTCH 2004 RM85L CLUTCH 2005 RM85 CLUTCH 2005 RM85L CLUTCH 2006 RM85 CLUTCH 2006 RM85L CLUTCH 2007 RM-85 CLUTCH 2007 RM-85L CLUTCH 2007 RM85 CLUTCH 2007 RM85L CLUTCH 2008 RM-85 CLUTCH 2008 RM-85L CLUTCH 2008 RM85 CLUTCH 2008 RM85L CLUTCH 2009 RM-85 CLUTCH 2009 RM-85L CLUTCH 2012 RM85L2 CLUTCH 2012 RM85LL2 CLUTCH 2015 RM85L5 CLUTCH 2015 RM85LL5 CLUTCH Top-Ranked DealerBuy Genuine OEM parts direct from a top 5 dealer. http://www.partzilla.com/parts/search/Suzuki/Motorcycle/1994/RM80S/CLUTCH+%28MODEL+K-L-M-N-P-R-S%29/parts.html Find bike, click on part and it will list all fitments
  12. scriberman

    2016 Kx85 Cylinder

    Try wiping some loctite on the area and warming the cylinder.
  13. scriberman

    WR 450 f starter motor

    Yes to both. the timing of the magnets in the outer casing will effect rotation.
  14. Were you checking compression with full throttle ?
  15. scriberman

    Bearings Size?

    Check part numbers on http://www.ronayers.com/oemparts/c/yamaha_motorcycle/parts. Then search this part number for bearing number.