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  1. Hi I have been diagnosed with Arthritis in my neck and want to still ride does anybody know which neck protection would be best to support my neck from the vibration, jarring etc cheers Phil
  2. i had replaced my front and rear sprockets i cleaned all the crap from the front sprocket installed the new sproket but now noticed it leaks oil ( behind the front sprocket ) is this a big job cheers Phil
  3. philf63

    06 525 AC Pump

    thanks guys it was the missing O ring all good now now hopefully when i take it out this weekend the 1/4 throttle bog has gone
  4. philf63

    06 525 AC Pump

    mine has no Gasket just the acc pump and the o ring it only had 1 o ring when i removed it
  5. philf63

    06 525 AC Pump

    Hi i bought the Acc Pump from JD i have fitted the ac pump but it is leaking fuel only when you rev the engine i put the old one back in and that one leaked as well can anybody help to fix the fuel leak from the acc pump
  6. philf63

    1984 KX250 Carby

    does anybody know were i can get parts or a replacement carby my local bike shop says they can not get any parts for the carby the floats have fallen off i have already soldered one of them but did not last very long
  7. philf63

    08 crf450X burning oil

    Hi My sons 08 crf450x is burning Oil it has done 2500k's is this normal after about 3 to 4 tanks of fuel it looses about 300mm of engine oil
  8. philf63

    84 KX250 coolant in top of piston

    will do gasket ordered should be here thursday
  9. philf63

    84 KX250 coolant in top of piston

    thanks heasp i will be doing this today
  10. Hi i just replaced the piston and ring but only used gasket glue to re fit head and barrel after a few rides my son noticed collant spewing out he stopped i took the plug out and notice coolant on the plug would this have damaged the head piston etc will i get away with installing a head gasket cheers Phil
  11. philf63

    Michelin T63

    hi i have an 06 525exc most of my riding is in soft to hard sand a bit of mud Gravel, logs i still have the Original perreli on i think it is more than time to get a better tyre anybody recommend
  12. philf63

    Kick starter 84kx250

    cheers i will have a go this weekend
  13. i dont think it is the stator as it runs fine once its going
  14. i have just done the piston and ring it has always been hard to start ie you can kick for a ages and then it will fire there is plenty of spark compression is okay
  15. hi my sons 1984 KX 250 is verry hard to start with the kick starter but can be towed to start okay cheers Phil