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  1. Fortytwo years ago I married my girlfriend who loved motorcycles nearly as much as I, both on and off road. We spent our honeymoon on a road bike and have taken our summer vacation every year since on bikes. I've been extremely fortunate to have married someone who shares my passion.
  2. Hi, I've been riding motorcycles for 45 years off road, on the street, and several decades of road racing. My only serious injury off road was a torn-up knee. I think off road riding is inherently safer because of the lower speeds. It's a great environment to learn vehicle dynamics with lower consequences. One can push to the limits of traction without having to worry about side traffic, dogs, and inattentive drivers.
  3. bm152

    2016 YZ450F 450f Broken shock mount!

    I did something similar trying to get a frozen linkage bushing out of the swing arm shock mount. Welded the loop back on and had no problems with it.