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    Would you buy a 400S again?

    I agree with the most part with all of the post. I live in WA and licensing is an issue. I would have loved to have entertained buying a WR 450 or the CRFX 450 but the licensing has and is a challenge. I have invested enough to have bought the KTM that I thought was too expensive and still do not have near the bike. So, with that I would have bought the KTM instead of the DR. I like the weight, power and how they handle much better. BTW I load my bike and haul it to ride mostly. Once in a while cross a highway or use a short section of road and you need street legal on FS roads. Mostly trail...so multiuse...probably a very good bet.

    DRZ suspension help

    I weigh in at about 240lbs. With gear and pack I'm probably approaching 270lbs. I have a 03 DRZ400s. The suspension is bone stock and factory adjustments still are too soft for me. I have heard of new fork springs as well as heavier oil and possibly a new spring for the rear. Most of my riding is trails with some open sand and track in the winters. Any help would be appreciated...possibly aftermarket ideas for suspension upgrades?