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  1. budlong

    2010 rmz450 rekluse question

    My son has a rekluse z start( not the Z start pro) on his 2008 rmz 450. At the starting line there is no difference between it and his stock clutch.Its kinda a cool cause sometimes he will start with the engine at idle with the clutch out and just pin it when the gate drops. He got his for x country but loves it in moto too.
  2. budlong

    steel mx

    Has anyone in California that is sponsored by steel mx been to or have heard of their ride days? Aside from the quality of their products and discount prices have you received any type of rider support?
  3. budlong

    fuel milage 08 rmz 450

    got one on order, thanks
  4. budlong

    fuel milage 08 rmz 450

    has anyone done a cross country race on 2008 rmz 450 with stock fuel tank. we need to run 1.5 hrs without fueling, seems unlikely.
  5. budlong

    tank swapage

    yah you can swap them but you have to swap radiator shrouds also. we switched out and were able to keep the wr seat with the yz tank