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  1. rmahar

    kxf 450 overheating

    i was gonna say-maybe yer too lean. i've had a great improvement with the jd needle on 5th position 180 main. dont know if it works in kahoots with the boyseen pump though.
  2. rmahar

    New 450 ride

    fastway barkbusters
  3. rmahar

    New 450 ride

    pro circuit T4 pipe. if you feel or when you feel you want more power. congrats, youve just purchased the finest, funnest off road bike on the planet. and from what i hear dirtbike mag and others( THE EXPERTS-or, editors) are finally realizing it too
  4. rmahar

    Too much oil???

    yup. i agree.
  5. i agree with redneck-mx bikes are the only way to go in the woods. i'm 49 and have an 06 kx450 and its the most fun bike i've ever owned. been riden trails for twenty years, had different bikes(no 2 strokes dont like to shift alot). the 450 kx to me is just perfect!
  6. rmahar

    i have a dream-kx550f ?

    i just put a pro circuit t4 on my 450 this weekend -love it it awesome. but by next year i''l be wanting more. hey, i love my kx. but whats wrong with a bigger torqier bike. just because a 650 streetbike goes over ahundred doesnt mean i should never get an 1100! aye?
  7. rmahar

    i have a dream-kx550f ?

    so, what your saying is that kawasaki wouldnt be interested in making the ultimate off roader because race people wouldnt buy it? I guess the general public doesnt count. it probably would sell just as well as any other bike. besides,how long does any bike really last anyhow ?, a few years because they make something else? honda still makes a 650 4 stroke. a kawi 550 would blow it away.I've seen many, many 650 xr's for sale because the guys that buy them realize that they are just to big and fat for trail riding and ride like crap on the highway. they're a waste of money. but a nice lite kx 550 or whatever 525,540 would stir up quite the craze.the technology is finally here but the hearts are weak in kx talk land. oh, by the way this big bore attitude doesnt seem to detour KTM...they are sittin pretty with no one competing with them.
  8. rmahar

    i have a dream-kx550f ?

    why? what are they trying to do?,make the world a safer place?there's no restrictions on building motorbikes from what i'm seeing in magazines. so its o.k. for drag racers and nascar etc. to waste all the rubber(oil), fuel, and energy in the world just to see if they can go a little faster but common (consumer) folk cant have crap. is that it/
  9. rmahar

    i have a dream-kx550f ?

    i know you cant race it but youd want one besides,i'd rather have a street legal kx than a trail going(down tunned) KLX. just my opinion. and a very good one i might add! common kawi!!
  10. rmahar

    i have a dream-kx550f ?

    I love my 06 kx450f. and now, after a year of growing with the bike i have hopeful visions of the ultimate green monster! I'm dreaming of a 5 speed 550 thats just like my 06 450 but with a granny gear for crawling and grunting up the narl and junk(woods) and an ample top gear with all the awesome in between gearing of my 450 but with a BIGGER piston. it doesnt need lights (yet) because there is enough time in the day for this beast. it doesnt need a e starter because it starts on the first kick or so like my 450. and although it weighs a little more it will still be a hell of alot less than any xr or big bore of days gone by. it would be a throw back but in essence a new creation that would,not only be practical but would rule the big bore off-road world! I dont even know if it would matter if it was EFI or not. all i know is that the kx450f is the greatest off road machine i've ever experienced. so, i'm dreamin of a little more...power...torque. can you hear me?
  11. rmahar

    keep your kx450 f cooler

    my 06 runs great. doesnt get hot and i do tech-slow stuff
  12. rmahar

    Anybody have the part # for a 55 leak jet

    i wonder if honda has that leak jet?
  13. rmahar


    maxxis IT cross 7305 this is the right tire for the job! 120/90 i'm quite sure the power diff has alot to do with it
  14. rmahar

    2006 Kx450f

    something may have happened and its fixed now.maybe he wants a new one. ask him why piston was replaced and stuff.hopefully he'll be honest with you . but you gotta ride this bike. bring a knowledgable buddy. i love my kx its the greatest! i bet he'll take less.