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  1. YamahaZachary125

    Free Stickers!!

    Do a Search, this has been covered... hehe.
  2. YamahaZachary125

    what the diff??

    3500 for a 07 is a steal.
  3. YamahaZachary125

    check out my 426...

    Ok I give it a 10 after seeing the graphics lol. I'll get those graphics when im a B rider or fast C lol.
  4. YamahaZachary125

    YZ125, Weird...

    It was idling waiting for it to warm up I rev it not past half throttle to get it ready, to to take a slow spin around the parking place and give it a little gas and it sputters to a stop...
  5. YamahaZachary125

    08 Thor Gear

    And the chargers. (last one)
  6. YamahaZachary125

    2005 Kx125

    it was the last year for the kx125's...(in america) it was a good year I believe.
  7. YamahaZachary125

    What YZ125?

    05 and up yz's have aluminum frames and rip.
  8. YamahaZachary125

    2001 Chevy 3500 8.1 Ext Dually

    It will sit all week as he go's to work, Drives all week in his worktruck then comes home for weekends.
  9. YamahaZachary125

    free Sticker? Decals?

  10. YamahaZachary125

    250f vs. 450f for me?

    450! Then you can beat all your freinds.
  11. YamahaZachary125

    151cc kits

    Max Power is way overly priced compared to e gorr and moto814
  12. YamahaZachary125

    free Sticker? Decals?

    I just emailed all the companys in about 5 minutes lol
  13. YamahaZachary125

    huge wreck!!!!

    I hope you get all that 55grand for all your suffers.
  14. YamahaZachary125

    06 y250 v.s. 07 yz250

    Handlebars are different,Renthal on 06, Protaper on 07. Little s*** that doesnt make a difference. For a thousand less I'd go 06.
  15. YamahaZachary125

    Anyone know a GOOD insurance agent?

    I got my YZ125 insured for 70 bucks I think. Progressive.