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  1. LostG8R2002

    FSU- Tallahassee

    You have the Apalachicola National Forest in your backyard just down south of Tallahassee with trails and all... I used to ride there all the time when I lived up in Tallahassee. If you're looking for tracks, there weren't all that many up in the Panhandle... most of the riding is trail-based, but there are some tracks down south in the Gainesville area or out west towards Pensacola.
  2. Why did you get collision? Basically that would cover repairs to the bike if you collide with something (or someone collides with you) but when you think about it, dirtbikes are able to weather hitting something fairly well (unless it's a really really major crash). Comprehensive is the one you really want since that covers damages to the bike while it's not moving (or gets stolen).... and I insure two bikes through Progressive (with a $250 comp deductable and no collision) for $150 a year....
  3. LostG8R2002

    Who is your bike insured by?

    Progressive - $150 per year for two bikes.... I basically got minimum liability coverage ($10k), $250 comprehensive deductable (covers theft) and declined collision (with the amount the premium would go up, I could buy a new bike every few years).
  4. LostG8R2002

    Stolen bike 2004 yz450f

    You may want to look into insurance for that bike though.... I pay $150 a year to insure my two dirtbikes against theft and to me, that's $150 a year for peace of mind since dirtbikes are such a target at times.
  5. LostG8R2002

    2005 RM 85 USFS Arrestor?

    That's correct. I just did a whole bunch of research into this because I need one for my RM125. Basically the only FMF Silencers with a Spark Arrester on them are the Turbine Core II and the Q-Silencer. I ended up purchasing mine from the ThumperTalk store and should have them this week (if the UPS gods are willing anyways). There's a few other Spark Arrester options out there, but since I already had a FMF Shorty Silencer I figured I couldn't go wrong with the Turbine Core II (and supposedly I won't have to rejet but we'll see on that one).
  6. LostG8R2002

    Tallahassee, FL

    Anyone know of good places to ride in Tallahassee, FL other then the National Forest? Ever since they closed off the Sandpit and we've had to ride in the "new" area they've picked out for riding, I come to the realization that I just don't like those trails and how they end up exiting onto numbered roads which you're not allowed on.... Not to mention you can end up anywhere and there's not many markings to let you know the way back to the parking area and overzealous sheriff deputies who get on your case if you do ride on the numbered roads to just get back to the parking area because you got lost in the myriad of trails.... All of this done because idiotic kids from the local high schools go into the area at night for mudbogging and bonfires.... and they end up ruining it for the rest of us.
  7. LostG8R2002

    suzuki 2 strokes

    I just took out a new(ish) RM125 to break in that I bought for friends to go riding with me when I take out my YZ400F.... and I have to tell you, the RM125 was a blast to ride.... Sure I had to shift more, but the power was all there and the bike is light as a feather compared to the YZ400F. I am now seriously considering selling/trading off my YZ400F for another 2-stroke just because I had a blast on the 2-smoker and other then getting bogged down in deep sand all the time (sometimes I hate riding in Florida) it was able to cart my 200lb. butt around without any issue.
  8. I pay about $85 a year for theft coverage on my YZ400F.... The trick is to not let the insurance company talk you into collision coverage. While collision coverage would cover the bike if you crash into something (tree, rock, building, etc.) it's not worth the extra $$$ you would pay for it. Whereas the comprehensive only coverage would cover a bike getting stolen (which is all I really care about when it comes down to it). The other trick is finding a company which DOES comprehensive only coverage. A lot won't insure unless you do collision+comprehensive.
  9. LostG8R2002

    Comments on 99YZ400f

    I bought a '99 YZ400F about a month ago, and I'll tell you what... I should have done it earlier... I had it out for over 4 hours this past Sunday and enjoyed every minute. The power does take some getting used to, but that bike can handle just about anything thrown at it (conditions wise).
  10. LostG8R2002

    Get Insurance!!!!!!!!

    I am also insured through Progressive.... $85 a year for peace of mind against theft (i.e. comprehensive coverage) and a $10k PIP coverage since I can't get out of that in Florida. Wish my auto insurance cost that much.
  11. LostG8R2002

    Spark Arrestor

    I'm looking at the same thing for my YZ400F... but I can't tell if I have that specific one or not... the other option is the end cap replacement from Pro Billet (I think that's who has them) but $30 is cheaper then $120 or so.