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    dual sport tires

    Well, today I ordered the ac10. Hope it's not back ordered. If it is I will get the MT18HD. Nice/surprising to see someone form Nova Scotia on this forum. I am in Cape Breton. Checked out the site you put on. Do you guys ever come to this area? Would love to ride with some other dual sports.
  2. Hello all, This is my first post. I know this is a general topic that has been covered a lot and believe me I spent hours reading and it was very useful. I have an old 1990 dr 350s dual sport and it hasn't been used for several years but I got it going again last fall. The front tire is toast. I really did like the front tire which was an IRC GP1 (a 50/50 tire). I think I will now be doing more dirt driving (maybe 65 or 70 percent), but maybe as little as 30. At first I was thinking on getting another 50/50 tire like the maxxis 6006, metzeler sahara, or another GP1. Then as I read the posts I really thought it might be nice to get a more agressive dirt tire. One thing for sure is that the trails in my area have changed a lot since I used to drive my dual sport several years ago. The atv's have really made big ruts, and I am thinking that a more aggressive tire that hooks up well in the front might be more necessary. I am really leaning towards the pirelli MT18 HD. It seems to be a very aggressive DOT tire that with nothing bad said about it. But I am wondering how it handles on the pavement. My big fear about going aggressive is how it will effect road handling. When it really comes down to it, are these safe on the road? We have windy paved roads here and I don't want the front washing out on me. I know it's a compromise, but would speeds of 100 km/hour (60 miles per hour) be unsafe. I don't expect being more than an hour to get to trails and likely less than 20 minutes most times. So, are the more aggressive DOT's safe for 40 percent road driving? How much mileage can I expect from a more aggressive tire like a MT18 HD? Would I be better off sticking to a 50/50 tire or maybe even a dunlop 606 which seems to be in the middle? I note that I am hearing good things on this site about the metzeler karoo, and the michelin baja and AC10 (besides the MT18 HD). These are the ones I am really looking at hard but I am concerned about how safe they are on the road. I know they aren't slicks but are they so different from 50/50 tires that I should reconsider, or even worse, are they an accident waiting to happen? Sorry for being long winded but I am trying to make this post a little less vague than a basic "which tire" post. Thanks.