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  1. Washington

    just checked my magic eightball, and it said (the weather is gonna be awesome on the 17th)
  2. Washington

    yep that's him
  3. Washington

    Dean rides a rm 250 red answer gear number 5 aa......those 2 links dont work
  4. True enduro riders like myself don't want to lose the old school enduro format to the isde format or to the national format. I know us b.c.m/c will not be changing any time soon, we like old school. We love keepin time computer definetly take some of the challenge out of it but hey its one less thing to have to think about .True i run a ico but i also use a jart and strap on a stop watch just in case the ico takes a dump ,
  5. Hey Don come ride the sparkplug this year (stay on time) and then you can tall me how its like a poker run:rolleyes:
  6. WOW I can't believe how bad the course got. As a course worker/ rider, trail re router, bike fixer /mud puller outer, line pointer outer, lap after lap how much the course would change . on my first lap of the short course we followed the 15 & under .....Man they were having a hell of a time getting through the woods section I said to myself i am not gonna follow these guys all day picking and pulling bikes out of the mud so i passed them all, now I can get some work done, trying to find trouble spots, after ridin for a bit didnt really see anything to bad, then i got to the grass track and thought-*** this is bad and we are only on the first lap. We cant call off the race are these guys used to this? Once i finally got to the finish area I asked the trail boss tommy what are we gonna do he just looked at me and said just do what we can do, so i took back off pullin out bikes left and right choppin down small tree's with my machete for new lines , flag and blocking trouble spots all while trying to keep myself upright and unstuck and out of the way of the racers ,which was a battle i myself must have pulled 25 bike out of the muck ,I have never been so wet muddy, but it sure was a blast the rain and mud made this a race to remember I will be talkin about this one for along time. thanks to everyone who joined us. Join us for our 53rd annual sparkplug enduro-date pending stay tuned. Dusty
  7. Lets hope for sunshine like we got last year....
  8. Now, back to the previously scheduled ass-woopin' for those bad dirt bikers who do trail re-routes. Sure Let me at it i'll re route that one too:p
  9. Word....
  10. actually the day before we cut all those trees out, we came down from ravens roost and the trail was pretty much impassable we had about 8 people no saw no tools so we came back the next day 3 of us, after puttin out a small forest fire in the morning, so wut we did was about 40 ft. of trail mosquito infested sidehill ,you should have seen where people were going before next time you can cut all that shit out of there. You should be grateful we volunteered our time in making that crap rideable:foul:
  11. saw not big enough so we built a switchback and went around them..switchback was pretty gnarly
  12. Yah the b.c.m\c cleared it afew weeks ago we cleared from the asphalt up ravens roost, we cut 30 trees out of that one.. Super fun trail
  13. i havent yelled at my tv that much since superbowl xL , come on jesse..... i actually thought he was gonna get off his bike and push it down one of those hills , he looked freakin scared, he was way out of his league , I hope he has a new respect for dirt riders ....They should do the next show from Naches.. send him through greek creek or up the backside of clifty that would be hilarious, It was cool seeing Chris Blaise , he raced the sparkplug before he got hurt ,hell of a nice guy.
  14. Awesome job this year on the nma points stuff and all around nma stuff:thumbsup: