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  1. *bump* Anyone know the answer to the uni-filter thing? Or maybe a small K&N????Seems like it would make things easier??? I'm looking for a donor CR85, CHEAP!!!! Anyone...Anyone....Bueller??
  2. Where do you find the Derbi front end? And does it bolt right up to the stock head tube without weird bearing mods or anything?? I am bidding on a 2004 XR 100 and love your conversion. I would like to duplicate it as I cannot see spending $$$$ to buy a cr85 and then tear it apart, or pay $2000 for a roller. Any info appreciated!!!! Thanks!
  3. I put an FMF Q2 on my 450 this weekend and it smoked like a biotch for a couple minutes and I thought, hmmm.....it didn't do that before i put it on, did it??? So, it was just oil in the pipe I guess because it mellowed out after a few minutes.
  4. I have both, and as much as I hate to say it, I would rather ride my 450 than my 250 any day. The 4-stroke has come of age, and it is here to stay. Try it, you'll like it!!!
  5. I say personal preference, but the Tech 6, nor any Alpinestars boot, is big enough for my huge calves, so the Forma is what i have worn for years. I have new '06 Bubba model Formas and love them as much as I have all my other Formas. The upper Alpinestars models may be a better boot, like the Tech 8, but fit is as important as anything. Both will work for you, even if you are a pro. Good enough for Bubba, good enough for me!
  6. Dave, coumadin 6mg, and lovenox 100mg SQ2x here at the house. Gonna try to go to quicktrack next week so Dave can race the '98 and keep his place in the series. Yea, no riding sucks, I just had an extra bone removed from my left foot by Dr. Cuesta at the surgical pavilion at NFRMC and the clot showed up a week later, in the left calf and palpatine (SP?) vein behind the left knee. I'll live, though, I just wanna race again!! I know the coumadin makes that difficult, but what ya gonna do????
  7. http://www.southfloridamx.com/new_page_19.htm This lists most of the tracks around the area.
  8. Unless someone has a used one, you will prolly need the overpriced oem one. But it's worth it...
  9. The '04 fixed the bugs the '03 had, and is a great bike. I love mine!!! Only way I'd trade up would maybe be to an '07 with F/I if it comes out...
  10. ...great way to teach mama how to ride!!!!!!
  11. try wal-mart for about $30
  12. I have an '00 and love it. But with 4 bikes in the garage already and a 5th on the way, it's for sale. Great bike though, I do well at the races with mine.
  13. Problem with internet message boards.....Any 12 yr. old with a computer can get on them, like this guy. I will race ANY of my 3 250R's against any 250f he can buy any day, and hand him his arse. ....kids these days........
  14. My '06 CBR 600 is FI and runs incredible!!!! Wheelies easier, less bog, (actually no bog) and starts perfect hot or cold!
  15. Progressive is good for off-road toys. GET THEFT COVERAGE!!!!