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  1. jbrownkyr1

    2004 Crf250r, What year head/piston fits?

    Would I order a piston for my year model or the year of the head? Seems like I would just order the higher compression Wiseco piston for an '04.
  2. I just bought a '04 Crf250r. This is my second 04' although I sold my first one a couple of years ago. The bike I just bought is an extremely low hour bike and still has the original chain, sprockets, and tires on it. It was ridden very little since new. My question is what heads will fit this bike? It is nowhere near a rebuild just yet, but when it comes time I want to know what I can use. When I had my first '04 I rebuilt it with an '07 head and a high compression Wiseco piston(I think the compression ratio was stock on the newer bikes). I bought valves and springs from RHC. That was one of the best running/starting bikes I've ever had. So can I run the '08 or '09 head? I'm planning on buying valves and springs but I don't think I'll go with RHC again. Not because I had trouble with them but I just don't have that kind of cash this time around. Everyone talks about the stainless Kibblewhites but I also heard that you lose some top end HP with that. I'm a woods racer but there are some field sections where the bike occasionally gets rung out. What piston/compression ratio should I go with? I've always used Wiseco in the past and had good luck.
  3. http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj189/kknoop/rmz%20parts/ http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj189/kknoop/rmz/ '08 and up...pm me with interest...thanks!
  4. jbrownkyr1

    Anybody need an IMS 4 gallon for their 600?

    Hey guys I've still had people asking about the tank but I just sold it yesterday...thanks! I do still have some random parts listed in the classifieds including 92' forks, etc.
  5. jbrownkyr1

    Anybody need an IMS 4 gallon for their 600?

    Sorry but it's a white tank that fits 88-00 600's and IMS said it fits the 650L's as well but takes different bolts. It has slightly yellowed with age but it's a good solid tank. PM me with questions..thanks!
  6. Hey guys I sold my 600 but I still have the oversized tank. PM me if anyone is looking for one.
  7. jbrownkyr1

    Going back to a 2T

    I sent you a pm jaysoi.
  8. jbrownkyr1

    Going back to a 2T

    Sorry guys but after 2 races on my RMZ I'm going to switch over to a 2T. I got my 09' about 2 months ago and set it up for the local hare scramble series with all the bells and whistles, including a rekluse clutch. I've come to the conclusion that this just isn't the right bike for me so it's got to go. I appreciate the help and good info that you guys provided over the last couple of months though. If anybody is looking I just posted it up in the classifieds...thanks again!
  9. jbrownkyr1

    Will a Leo Vince X3 pipe from a 10' fit my 09'?

    I got my exhaust yesterday and put it on tonight. There was a slight difference between the '09 and '10. It looks like the exhaust on the '10 tucks in tighter on the subframe. I had to cut about 1/4" off the rear subframe mounting lug. Basically I just took a sawzall and shaved it down. The hanger bracket is carbon fiber and there is not much flex in it so it was necessary to mod the subframe mount. There is still plenty of material/threads left. I will be riding tomorrow but it sounded really nice just running around my yard.
  10. jbrownkyr1

    rm450z trail bike???

    I just got an 09' and I rode it for the first time on sunday. I bought this bike with the intention of running the Kentucky Offroad hare scramble series this season. I've been on 250f's for about 4 years now and for whatever reason I just decided that maybe I'll try a 450 this year. First off I'll tell you that I'm moving to 30+A this season so I'm a decent rider. Well I attempted to run this bike around the mx track on sunday but I'm not much of an mx'er and I definetly don't have what it takes to utilize this machine on the mx track! So I switched to the trail loop and I was running a decent pace for the first ride. I will say that there is a LOT of power on tap for woods riding. I put the bike in 2nd and never touched the shifter until I came out of the woods in the field areas. The power is right there when you roll on the throttle and I found myself trying to ride the bike like my 250f's and it wasn't working. The rear kept hooking up and the bike would shoot left or right instead of where I wanted it to go. I have put together a list of mods that I'm going to do: Rekluse core EXP clutch G2 Throttle Tamer Leo Vince X3 exhaust Go up a couple teeth on the rear sprocket I wanted to weight the flywheel but it seems that nobody makes a heavy flywheel for this bike. What they do have are replacement clutch baskets that are steel and add about 10 oz. I decided to install the rekluse first and then if I think it still needs it I'll add the weighted basket too. I believe this bike will be awesome in the woods once I get it sorted out. It turns excellent and there is no problem snaking your way through tight sections. You just have to control the throttle on exit. I felt like an ass cause I blasted out of the woods into a field section and looped it out running pretty hard in 3rd (lots of power)!
  11. jbrownkyr1

    Will a Leo Vince X3 pipe from a 10' fit my 09'?

    It's been a while since I checked in and I didn't realize that so many people had responded. I went ahead and ordered the exhaust yesterday and I'll let you guys know how the install goes. Since I already have mine locked down I'll share the link with you guys: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=leo+vince+rmz&x=0&y=0 The complete system is only $178 with free shipping! There is only one left for the 450's and two for the 250's so you better be quick! Hey hondacrf334 I'm just going to hope that frequent oil changes and clean air filters keep me on the safe side of mechanical issues for a year or two. As far as the knowledge available in this forum maybe we can pick things up some this season. I have only ridden my bike once so far but I'll be glad to help as much as I can once I really start to get into it(mechanically) this year.
  12. jbrownkyr1

    Will a Leo Vince X3 pipe from a 10' fit my 09'?

    Thanks for the responses. Don't take this the wrong way but I'm starting to wonder if I made the right choice with this rmz. I've been on hondas for years and the honda forums are overflowing with answers to crf questions. Unfortunately the rmz section seems to be very slow moving. Somebody on here has to know if there was a difference in the exhaust systems on these years?
  13. I found a nice full system off a 2010 and I was wondering if it would fit my 09'? Does anyone know?
  14. Well guys after riding hondas for years I decided to give the rmz a chance. I just came off an 08' crf250r and I picked up a 09' RMZ450 with less than 10 hours on it. This is going to be my harescramble bike for 2011. So this is my first suzuki and also my first FI bike ever. What do I need to look at or be aware of? Are you guys having any headshake issues in the fast sections on these bikes?
  15. jbrownkyr1

    Should I buy an 09'

    I searched the forum and found quite a few guys talking about tranny failures. If there is one thing that scares me it's the thought of that. When you have a tranny issue you're usually looking at $500 plus for parts and that's not counting if you break a case.