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  1. is this rotella oil that you guys are using jaso ma ceritified?
  2. if the oil is not API SG, SH, SJ, SL, WITH JASO MA CERTIFIED IT WILL NOT WORK!!!! automotive oils do not have the additives that motorcycle oil have "MA" certified by JASO
  3. checked valves at 15 hours intake .13 exhaust .15 30 hours intake .13 exhaust .15 45 hours intake .12 exhaust .15 when should i worry about reshimming? and how do the valves get tighter as they wear? seats get worn out? and i read about every ones vavles wearing out sooner how come myne havent yet? i change the oil in in every 5 hours does that help?
  4. 06 250f have yoshimura slip on trc comp series exhaust stock air filter should i worry about rejetting? and what about the screen behind the air filter is it worth removing?
  5. the white valve stem is normal that is from the high heat out of the combustion chamber i have an 06 with about 59 hours on it and it looks the same way... waht kind of noise be more specific