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    Get a JD jet kit, and look at other posts for particular size of jet to use depending on exhaust and location(Elevation of your area of riding) to determine jet size.
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    CRF250X; Need a suggestion.

    I had the same jet-kit installed but, with an exhaust installed. My guy just cut a few holes in the air box lid and put metal screens on the inside of the cover with a little JB weld to hold them in place. My bike idle's, runs and sounds like a dream. I can find out which jet he used and whether or not it should be the same with the stock exhaust. Here's my e-mail if you want all the specs on how he did mine. CARRTRIO@VERIZON.NET
  3. Just wanted to give my input. I also have a 05' 250X. I had an exhaust put on and started with different jet-kit. Switched to JD and bike runs 100% better. JD Kits ROCK!!