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  1. Honda recommends their GN4 motor oil. Any 1040 motorcycle oil will work. Don't use auto oil, the components are different so that the motorcycle oil will protect your clutch. As for air filter oil, I prefer PJ1, haven't had much problem with it. For chain lube, Maxima makes some good stuff
  2. It is with the full system. I never got to throw it on a dyno but that's at least the claim from Big Gun. Of course the jetting would have to be key on too, you're not gonna just throw the parts on and expect any performance
  3. CRF150gal

    Need a fork cap for a CRF150F

    You can get one from a Honda dealer, retail is about $29
  4. I had a Big Gun Evo on my 2004 and it ran great. I really suggest a Big Gun rev limiter for it, it helps out a lot and the power gain is ~2hp. The worst part was I did my own jetting, but save yourself the time and trouble and call Big Gun for specs.
  5. I'm an mx rider, and i've been spending a little more time on trails lately. The only place I seem to be having problems is going down hills, then slowing enough to make a turn at the bottom. Do you guys drop gears or use the brakes? I can't seem to find a good way to do it. Thanks!
  6. I've gotten my suspension rebuilt with lighter springs for my weight, the thing is, the bike is still way too tall. I'm about 5"6', and I can't even reach both toes to the ground in my mx boots. My local suspension place can lower it for me, I was just wondering how much it would throw off the geometry of the bike and the handling?
  7. CRF150gal


    Just wanted to get some opinions on this. I have a full race season on my 2007, plus all the practices. Before I start the 08 season I was going to rebuild the top end. The guys at our shop say I shouldn't really need it, considering I don't ride that hard, and the only time I hit the rev limiter is if I'm off the ground. I've lost no power yet and it runs as well as the day I bought it. Should I rebuild just for good measure?
  8. CRF150gal

    PowerNow Plus

    I got the PowerNow Plus from Scary Fast for my bike. According to everything I've heard about installing it, it should need to be tapped into the carb with something...however mine slid in and sits rather loosely inside the carb. I'm worried about it rotating or moving around in there. Has this happened to anyone else? Can I make it fit any better?
  9. CRF150gal

    Problems with starting my crf250

    Welcome to Honda. They are cold-blooded machines in the first place. In cold weather, pull the choke out, give it two or three full-throttle squirts of gas and give it a good hard kick or two. It should start right up
  10. CRF150gal

    Exercising forearm strenght

    Not so much for forearm, but awesome for endurance and shoulders. Get on a treadmill holding a 3lb dumbell in each hand, in about the same position as where your handlebars are when you are sitting on the bike. Walk at a steady pace and see how long you can go for. Its a lot harder than you think!
  11. CRF150gal

    Why such a hard time selling???

    I actually just went through the process of selling a bike. After about 6 months on the open market, I turned it in to a dealership. I talked to the sales guy about this, and he made a good point. Dealers are offering deals like $60 a month for a brand new bike, rather than straight up $3000 for a used one. What people don't realize is that the $60 usually inflates to about three times that after so many months. Try posting ads around restaurants and other stores in town.
  12. CRF150gal

    Winter project

    i'm running a DR.D system. Since i'm a beginner, the curve in the head pipe makes for awesome low end power.
  13. CRF150gal

    Winter project

    I've got a 2007 250r, and my last race of the season is next week. Over the winter I'm planning on getting into the bike and doin some work. Obviously replacing seals, bearing, brakes as are needed. I've already got a pipe and suspension done. Any suggestions on some good mods for a novice rider?
  14. CRF150gal

    looking for a mx school in the North East

    Depends on what you consider the northeast and what kind of MX school you're looking for. I've been to this one...check out Big Guy's MX school at www.flymxpark.net.
  15. CRF150gal

    FCR suspension?

    I'm looking to get my suspension done, and I talked to the president of FCR suspension last night. They sound like a good deal, and they're local, I can have the bike done in one day if I drive over there. Anyone have any experience with their work?