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  1. I was there. Hanging out in Camera Tower #1(first turn) during the race. My job was to have direct contact(Walkie -Talkie) with ABC Director and let him know if anyone went down and by what camera tower the rider was near, so he could get a shot of them. Got paid $35 a day, fed 3 catered meals, had a portable building filled with food and drinks. Had a pit pass, my own golf cart AND they put me up at the La Costa Resort. Before the race, they had me go find certain riders for interviews. Not a problem! Of course, to get this cool job? Over a hundred bucks of phone calls to New York, to try and reach the right people to get the gig. But it was worth it!
  2. I use a Ratio Rite and measure 500cc and then 200cc on BOTH sides and then go ride! I'd warm it up to drain. But not after, whats the point?
  3. I'm willing to bet Honda will step up on this.
  4. Can I get a copy of your list?
  5. Here's some sites to get the lowdown on Carlsbad. As well as the Official Carlsbad Raceway website-run by Jeff Grismer- son of Larrry Grismer-Both of them ran Carlsbad. You DID NOT mess with either one of them. Great guys. They are also on Facebook- A lot of people on that one. http://www.carlsbadraceway.org/index.html http://www.vintagemx.us/carlsbad_remembered.htm Raced there from 1975 to 1984. I've got some cool stories. just gotta sit down and write them.
  6. Still have my '05- Great Bike. Has a harder hit than the newer bikes. As long as the price is right - get it.
  7. $29.00 at Sears in the Garden Dept.
  8. A hammer and a punch. Factory Connection doesn't recommend using a screwdriver. Screwdriver tears it up worse than the punch. Go to Sears, join their Craftsman Club and get good discounts monthly on Craftsman tools. I have nothing against Snap on, but the Craftsman stuff is cheaper and still has a unlimited warranty. There's a guy on Ebay that sells the fork tools you need to tear apart forks for $21. A seal driver is nice as well. Check out Motion Pro stuff- lot of nice tools.
  9. Chokey- I didn't ask the question, but was wondering the same thing. Thanks for the tip.
  10. My Hinson has seen more than 4 years riding and looks like new. Make sure you get the right one. There's a standard cover and then there's the one that has added oil capacity. Found mine new on Ebay for $90, got lucky.
  11. Applied also sells a nice steering stem.
  12. High today in San Diego ---78 degrees And low -- 54 degrees. Had to put on a freakin jacket. Brrr. Hey, whats all that white stuff on that track thing?
  13. Ride it. Take care of the usual maintenance, and don't look back. Your XR250 is gonna get really lonely, quick.
  14. Your engine is worth more than a new filter. Why think twice about this?
  15. I went with the TRX Setup. I ride nothing but track. Over 60 hours with absolute no problems. I am old school. I short shift it. Not one to rev the piss out of it. If I want to bang off a rev limiter, why not get a two-stroke?