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  1. cutbow

    Radiators! Need a new left side

    I agree with AS on where to buy the radiator from. I crashed my 250x into a small tree on the left side. I didn't have any protection at the time on the rads, so I ended up having to buy a new radiator, which I found at PlanetRacing through Ebay. At the same time I purchased the Unabiker guards. The main reason was the front protection as well as the side protection that they provide. The new 450X was equipped with the same guards in the first few days. Hey, also I was out in Colorado the first part of August. On our way home we stopped in Woodland Park and rode the 717. We met an older guy from CO Springs in the parking lot that volunteered to be our tour guide for the area. For the next four hours we did all we could do to keep up with this guy, I was wide open in third gear most of the time, and he was riding a crf230 . He was amazing on that bike.
  2. cutbow

    Trailtech Vapor Set up

    I installed mine today also, I remember the manual saying that a four stroke needs to be set at 1. Nice add on to the bike.
  3. Hey everyone, I am heading out to Sedalia, CO this week to pick up one of my boys From church camp. While I am going out this far, I want to haul the dirt bikes and quad out there. I would like some suggestions on areas for some day trip rides in the mountains. We plan to spend at Least three days in the area. I need to know what areas, any trail systems , local cycle shops to find any information, websites that Show maps of trails. Basically any good resources for a Newb to Colorado dirt bike trail riding. Also, any Legal info on rules and regulations for riding in these areas. Thanks for any and all input.
  4. cutbow

    Oil Change Question. Probably basic

    Where do you find this product?
  5. cutbow

    250R can = 450R can for 450X

    What I am asking is the 250 R exhaust can the same as a 450 R ? I have an R exhaust on my 250X and I would like to put it on the new 450X.
  6. cutbow

    450x engine vs DRZ400 engine?

    I am assuming you are asking about a honda trx 450 which has the 450 x like engine. Based or that, reliability, less maintenance , and the most important attribute for a quad especially for a guest, Reverse. The Z 400 is the way to go. By the way I own a 450X and a Z 400 -No problems yet with the Z 400.
  7. cutbow

    Does my 06 450X have a smog Pump?

    thanks, I don't have one of those hanging off the bike.
  8. cutbow

    Does my 06 450X have a smog Pump?

    It's a 2006 bought new in Missouri.
  9. Hey guys just got the 450X New last week. Ive upgraded from a 250X. Well with all the rain going on I decieded to do some mods on it this weekend. I am Openning up the air box, reJetting , pulled the baffle out of the exhaust. And I was looking to block off the Smog pump if I have one. Well I cant see any thing that looks like one. Any help to guide where to look or hopefully not have to look I Cause it doesn't have one ! Thanks, for any help.
  10. cutbow

    Removing Clutch Cover to Drain Trans.

    Wow! This was a great post, just in time For my first oil & tranny oil change. I just brought home a new 06 450X last Friday. I upgraded from a 250X. Well when I was reinstalling the tranny drain bolt , the bolt Stop threading half way in. When I got down closer to look at it I noticed that it was going in at a slight angle. So I struggled to get it out by hand. I tried to start it a few more times, finally I got it to catch correctly and threaded it all the way in by hand. If I wouldn't have read this post over the last few days , I probably Would have thrown the T wrench on and cranked it down. Also, this is a poor Honda engineer design problem that they need to correct.
  11. cutbow

    instrution vids?

    Dirt Wise, great instructional video. You can find them on Ebay .
  12. cutbow

    How do you like your CRF250X?

    45, 240lbs this thing has everything I will every really need for woods riding and a little playing around on the track. I wish sometimes that it would pull the front end up easier. I think my size makes it more diffucult. Ive, done all the free mods, high compression piston, replaced the valves when we did this, cam, R exhaust, new suspension. Love it.
  13. cutbow

    Seat Strap

    Try this, I have one and it works great. http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/1615
  14. cutbow

    Handguards for 250X

    I like the way the cycra's fit and look, however I have already broken two of the triple clamp mounts , from just laying the bike down. So I would stay away from the triple bar mount.
  15. Rekluse clutch CCC mods, JD Jetting Kit