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  1. smccart

    Assault on dirt bikers! (rope across trail)

    haha, they dont look like enviromentalist to me. they look like some dumb rednecks that were probably pissed off because they thought the bikes were too loud OR they were just cracked-out on meth and were bored because the day's episode of jerry springer was a re-run either way i sincerely hope they get whats coming to them (preferabbly a *long* and *hard* "talk" from bubba in jail)
  2. smccart

    Assault on dirt bikers! (rope across trail)

    holy crap! her head got chopped off?!! how could you live with yourself after something like that as for these other three morons, they should be charged with attempted murder, they could have easily killed that poor guy. it sounds like the rider wasnt wearing a helmet? just another reason to always protect yourself (especially from inbred meth addicts)
  3. i stand corrected. i should have opened up my handy Oxford English Dictionary before opening my mouth
  4. arggg. please stop calling them "tyres". its spelled "TIRES" not trying to be a spelling nazi but jeez, thats elementary stuff
  5. i would have to disagree with that, both bikes are loud, but 4-strokes are clearly louder (no need to bash me on this, im not saying 2-strokes are better, im just saying that 4-strokes are SLIGHTLY louder)
  6. the hippies are spreading, its only a matter of time
  7. smccart

    Help With Bike Selection

    if you are really serious about low maintenance i would suggest the 2-stroke, most things on a 2-stroke you can maintain yourself, 4-strokes are a little tougher to work on (please don't flame me 4-stroke people, i'm not disprespecting 4-strokes at all, i just think 2-strokes are more maintenance friendly) also, on the maintenance side, from my experience and the research i did when buying a bike yamahas are the most reliable and require the least amount of maintenance (im sure a lot of people would disagree with me on this) if you think a 250 will be too much for you maybe you should try a 125?
  8. smccart

    Help With Bike Selection

    go with a YZ250, low maintenace and you can do pretty much anything you want to with it
  9. Fair point. Unfortunately, at the local level riders are usually heavily out-numbered, which leads to my point of larger and more structured organizations combating these closures and regulations with the help of local riders like you and me. But your point is valid and perhaps if more of us fought these regulations on a local level we wouldnt be facing so many track closings.
  10. smccart

    Turning in the Air

    wonderful advice, thank you so much for you contribution, i never would have thought of that concept before. seriously though, it seems like everytime someone asks a legitimate question there is always some jackass that says something like "just go ride" or "dont be a ******* and just pinn it". this IS the MX RIDING TECHNIQUE FORUM, if your only advise is "just go ride" then dont bother posting thats my vent for the day
  11. I agree that the 4-strokes do seem excessively loud but even if they were as quiet as electric scooters we will still get tracks and trails shut down because of all these damn hippies who think nature is for viewing, not for using. And I absolutely agree with the comments above. I belive street bikes do more damage to the MX reputation than actual dirt bikes do. People see these morons on street bikes doing wheelies in residential areas and they harbor that anger for ANYONE on a motorcycle, offroad or onroad. When people continaully see people on street bikes acting like jackasses they will inevitably associate that stupidity with any person on a motorcyle. i dont think theres a real clear answer to any of this. however, i do wish we had the type of political power that these eviro-hippies have. I think the AMA needs to step up and help us protect our right to ride. Its seems they've done very little to fight this wave of attacks against our sport.
  12. smccart

    Turning in the Air

    that is precisely what im talking about. thanks!
  13. smccart

    Sat. 5/13 Bithlo (DonO)....

    just curious, i've been out there once but it was on Easter Sunday and was nearly empty. A guy out there told me on most weekends its jam packed with 30+ guys on the track at any given time.
  14. smccart

    Sat. 5/13 Bithlo (DonO)....

    I think I'll be there. Is it busier on Sats or Suns there? Seems like it would be busier on Suns.
  15. smccart

    Jersey for HOT weather

    that core cooler looks like it would be perfect. ill try to get one within the next week or so and let you guys know how it feels