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  1. bigjohnintexas

    Yamaha XT1200 Super Tenere (2012)


    Best bike I've ever owned!
  2. bigjohnintexas

    Yamaha XT1200 Super Tenere 2012

    Best bike I've ever owned!
  3. bigjohnintexas

    crf450 video..Prolly gunna piss you off...

    NO....lets hope he isn't running more oil than recommended and his motor does blow up so he will get off the damn streets. Further, when his motor blows up, maybe he won't have anything else to post on this great website and we can all be spared from his awful grammer and unintelligent remarks.
  4. bigjohnintexas

    exhaust system for 200 yz/wr400

    do a search on this topic...lots of good information that has already been covered.
  5. bigjohnintexas

    exhaust system for 200 yz/wr400

    I don't know why you couldn't find any exhaust for your '00 WR400. I found a few real quickly in the TT store. http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Tucker_Rocky_Offroad_2006/default.asp?p=624&s=2 http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Tucker_Rocky_Offroad_2006/default.asp?p=632&s=2 http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Tucker_Rocky_Offroad_2006/default.asp?p=616&s=2 http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Parts_Unlimited_Offroad_2006/default.asp?p=434&s=2
  6. bigjohnintexas

    Official: RC to Nascar!

    Okay, someone can say Ricky is going to Nascar for a new challenge, but no one can dispute that he hasn't thought of 150,000 screaming fans out there on race day all buying memorabilia with his face on it. I don't care about the differences of the 2 sports because it's kinda like comparing apples to oranges. I don't think that a lot of people outside of motorcycling know who he is. This could be an opportunity for him to make a tremendous amount more money and become a household name regardless of what one might think about Nascar.
  7. I just got off the phone with Pro Taper and they told me that the '00-'03 YZ P3 Pro Taper triple clamp(02-1228) will work on my '02 WR426. They told me that the stock speedo will not mount but I don't have it on the bike anyway. My question is: I thought the WR had a slightly different head angle then the YZ. If this is true, then how can the YZ clamp work with the WR lower clamp. BTW, I have tried the search feature for 3 days now and still can't search. Sorry if this topic has been covered before, but I'm ready to order my part.
  8. bigjohnintexas

    building your own stand?

    I have had a MSR bike crate for over 10 years and it has never failed. Like you, I like it because I can carry all my lubes and rags and such with me. Lately though it seems like I am either getting older or my bike is getting heavier. That's what led me to make a lift stand for myself. The lift stand is for my shop and I have a crate to take to the trail. Here's a tip to all that are interested or have made their own stand: Go to your nearest trailer supply store (some auto parts store's) and get a full size mud flap for a one ton dually. I buy mine for $10 a piece. They are about 3/16 to 1/4inch thick and good quality. Cut it to fit and rivet it to the top of your stand. Makes a great no slip cover and one flap will easily do two stands.
  9. bigjohnintexas

    Pro Circuit-Bad Customer Service !!

    WOW!!! There are some real A-hole responses to this guy's thread. After reading his(XR400dad)'s original posting I have to say that some of you guys went way overboard. All he is trying to say is that his son burned his leg and he emailed PC to see, I quote, "if they had any ideas to fix it before I tried to jerry rig a heat shield to the pipe." He waited 4 days for a response and got none. I think four days is a reasonable length of time to wait for a response. I agree with some of you that he should have called PC before saying that their customer service sucks, but in reality, he didn't even say that. All he said was, " I am not happy with them and wanted to let all the TT people know my experience with Pro Circuit." What is TT for if its not to let fellow motorcyclists share their own experiences with each other. Some of you guys need to lighten up a little bit. In response to: Your response really burned me somehow. I am glad that I am not your kid. And, if you have kids, I feel sorry for them. I'm a grown man and burns still seem to hurt somehow. Maybe you have some kind of special genes that make you and your family tougher than everyone else. XR400dad- I hope your little one gets better soon. Look at Lightspeed and see if they have any trick carbon fiber guards for your son's bike. Or, just do what you originally thought about and clamp the stock guard to the exhaust. Good luck.
  10. bigjohnintexas

    brake line interference w/ moose handguards

    I have Tag T2 bars with Moose handguards. If I understand your question right I had the same problem. You should be able to loosen the brakeline from the master cylinder and rotate it up to clear the Moose mounting clamp. I was able to get mine pretty close(not perfect). If this still doesn't work you might be able to grind off part of the flange stop that prohibits the line from rotating upwards more than it does. I had to bleed my brakeline after I made my adjustments, so be aware of that. Good luck.
  11. bigjohnintexas

    Ride Reports / Owner Opinions

    klxandcrf- I am thinking of getting my wife one of these myself. Actually, we are driving over an hour away this Tues. to look at one at a dealership. My question is about the statement you made that your wife is a little cramped on the bike. How tall is your wife? My wife is 5'5" and I'm really hoping that if she feels a little cramped I can put some Fastway pegs on it to make it a little roomier. I guess I will find out Tuesday. I'm kinda worried since she really likes the feel of the crf150f. One of my big sales pitches to my wife so far has been how much lighter the bike will be. Glad to hear that your wife feels the same.
  12. bigjohnintexas

    Is it right for me?

    HMMM.... Well, instead of trying to pick what bike is right for you, lets stick with picking what bike is not right for you. You still have the chance to grow whether you think you will or not...Trust Me. My dad is 6' and I'm 6'6", the tallest ever in my family. Lets just say you grow to 5'10" and add another 50lbs. You're going to look like me riding my daughter's XR70. It will be way undersized for you then. I don't think the CRF150R is the bike for you. I think you like the idea of the CRF150R, but need to look at the future. Even if you don't get much taller, you will definetely get stronger as you mature. The stronger and more skilled you get, the easier it will be to handle weight. Go with something bigger. For example, a CRF250R...about 60lbs lighter than your DRZ and a whole lot more flickable, plus stiffer suspension which you think you might like. '07 DRZ- 262lbs, '07 CRF250R- 204lbs. I also agree with some of the KTM choices. Good luck.
  13. bigjohnintexas

    I rode it . . . not an adult play.

    Exactly!!! My wife is 5'5" and 120lbs. She has ridden a CRF230 and thought it was to heavy, but I kind of liked the height for her. She loved the feel of the CRF150F, but I just know that she will "grow out" of the CRF150F the more experienced she becomes plus it has lesser components. I think the CRF150R expert will be the perfect ride for her. Put a heavy flywheel on the dude and let her go. Also, as most of you know, there is over 70lbs difference in the CRF150F and the CRF150R. My biggest concern is the $1000 more I have to throw down rather than reliability.
  14. bigjohnintexas

    150R for offroad/trail use

    How old are you? What's your height? We know you are 145lbs, but I put on over 100lbs and 6" from the time I was a Junior in HS until adulthood. You say you want a playbike, but your post title says offroad/trail use. For someone to give you a more accurate opinion of whether or not the CR150R will work for you or not(I think you already know this answer), we need more detail.
  15. bigjohnintexas

    Why ride a quad?

    All I can say is WOW!!! I bet you give Dr. Phil advise on how to write relationship books. When I met my wife she had a bad perception of motorcycles. I was bound and determined to get a motorcycle so I traded a motor for a '91 TRX250X. I set it up wide and stable with short race tires, and my wife had a freakin blast on that thing. I knew we were getting somewhere now. Next, I got our daughter a scooter with a 3hp briggs and she rode the hell out of that and my wife got very comfortable with my daughter being on that, so I got my daughter a XR70. Next I got a Yamaha Blaster and we all three went and rode and my wife saw the "family fun" that was now happening with the new toys. Then came a bike for me, a WR 426, which my wife became totally comfortable with me riding. It is dualsported and used as one of my transportations to work. During the past 2 years that all this has happened, my wife has gotten on my daughters XR70 and played around and has gotten the itch. (not down there for you pervs) Now my wife wants her a new motorcycle. She has already stated that she would be perfectly fine with her getting a bike as a Christmas present. Moral of my story: So I recognized my wife's concerns and perceptions and went about the best way I knew how to change them. Does this really mean that my manliness needs to be questioned? I believe that for a lot of people who have never been around motorcycles, or who have had bad experiences with them, they can be really intimidating. I also believe that ATV's are more welcoming and easier for a beginner to "warm up" to mentally. I tested my theory and let my wife warm up to the idea that neither ATV's or motorcycles are death machines and now she is fully hooked on powersports. I think it's safe to say that I used quads to change her "wrong" perception. What can I say, I guess I am just an unmanly wuss that doesn't wear the pants in my house, but has a shop full of toys and doesn't have a wife that b!tches everytime I go to the shop to work on one of them. Velo- I think your logical conclusion might be lacking a little in the logic department.