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  1. sparko

    400 s front sprocket

    wow thanx for all the feedback its helped me out alot may be i will add an extension to lengthen my breaker bar and if i still have trouble i will go out and buy a rattle gun for my air compresser if that dosent work i will be asking for some more advise but i am pretty sure the breaker bar or rattle gun will work at least i hope so thanx to all that answered my questions cheers
  2. sparko

    400 s front sprocket

    i already have a 3 lever gear pully so i will use the red stud locktite now and if i need to change it later i already have the pully... thanx
  3. sparko

    400 s front sprocket

    100 mph = 160 kph cheers
  4. sparko

    400 s front sprocket

    yes i lost a bit of top end but its heaps better i can still do 130 km's and sits fine on 100 km/ph without reving to hard it is also better now in heavy traffic less jerky at low speeds
  5. sparko

    400 s front sprocket

    hi guys i took your advise and replaced the standard 44 tooth rear sprocket with a 47..it made a nice difference but i still want a bit more low end so i have brought a 14 tooth front sprocket to replace the standard 15 tooth..14 / 47 same as 400 e sprockets.... is there anything i need to no when changing the front sprocket or is it just like i think it is?? remove cover undo 30mm nut remove old sprocket place on new one with blue locktite on sharft use red locktite on 30 mm nut tighten up ajust chain seems easy but am i right cheers
  6. ok guys thanx for feedback 15 /47 works out dearer but almost the same gearing ratio as 14 /44. only diference apart from price is i get to keep my 15 tooth front sprocket with rubber bush.. and may be 15/47 has less chain wear.. so do i save cash $$ now with a 14 tooth front sprocket or later with less wear and tear 47/ rear and save $$ on chain where later how bad will smaller sprocket were out everything ps i dont keep my bikes very long and always sell them with lok klm's au or mph U S A THANKS FOR ANY FEED BACK
  7. sparko

    06 Drz400S, What did you pay ?

    u guys in the U S are lucky im from oz and our bikes and parts are way more epensive here my 2006 400 s cost me $8400 au on road and i shoped everywhere to get this price
  8. thankx for all the feedbak on my gearing question ive decided to put on a 47 rear sprocket and if i still need more low down pulling power i will then downsize the front to a 14 but will just try 47 rear first and see how it goes.. will the 47 tooth rear sprocket fit straight on without afectting anything eslse {chaingaurd} {chainlength} ect ect
  9. sparko

    drz 400 s

    i just brought a drz 400 s and it seems very high geared. my last few bikes were motorcross 2 strokes and great for bush and hill climbs.. i did some steep hills today and the tyre spun all the way up, so i will changing the back tyre for sure. i was also thinking of putting on a 13 tooth front sprocket to make those hills a bit easyer.. was wondering how much top end speed i will loose as i ride on the freeway to get to the bush tracks so i dont want to rev the guts out of my new bike any help would be great