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    DR Questions

    Well, I know that the brake is pretty weak so I have to use a little more pressure and no, they're not really spongy but the damn lever travels so far back before it engages that it uses too much stroke. I want some braking action as soon as the lever moves. I assume this is mostly due to master cyl design? Nobody who has ever raced a sportbike would find this acceptable so I'm sure some of the motard guys must have a fix.
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    DR Questions

    Hey guys, I have a 2004 650 with an FMFQ, re-jetted, bark busters, mini tach and HEL braided lines. I like the bike but want to get two things straightened out. 1) I have bled and bled and I cannot get a firm front brake lever (I know it's not me as my GSXR race bike is always kept solid) so I'm wondering if the front master cyl is just "like that" and I should change it? Maybe I'm asking for too much but I want a firm brake as I am used to one finger braking (maybe 2 on the track) and this thing is better than stock with the lines but still not where I like it. Any advice like opening a port or adding another type of master??? 2) Front preload, I need it and bad. I don't use the bike too much so I don't want to invest in springs just yet. I've seem threads on oil type and level as well as PVC preload spacers. What size are the spacers, and are they simply a matter of popping the caps and placing in the legs or do they go in the bottom end? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jason