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    Exciter coil XR600 '89

    When measuring i took out the spark plug and kick it as hard as i can. I tried it several times and the maximum voltage measured at the black/red wire disconnected from the cdi unit is 30 VAC
  2. I own since a few months a '89 Xr600. From the start i have a problem starting it, and sometimes it just stops running and if the engine is hot it's even harder to bring it back alive again. I measured the exciter resistance, and it showed 130 Ohm. I bought a second hand complete stator and installed it. Now it refuses the start. I measured the new coil and it shows 178 Ohm. The AC voltage i read when kicking is only 30 VAC. I also have a very weak spark. The readings from the ignition coil primary and secondary are OK. Is it possible i have the wrong type exciter coil, and what AC voltage should i read when kicking. Thanks in advance, Louk Seton Netherlands