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  1. Same here. I'll use the clutch if I'm in a position that I know it won't freely into the next gear, and always off the throttle when doing so (or at least not hard on it). If it doesn't slide right into the next gear, I'm right on the clutch.
  2. utahexplorer - Awesome pic, and even better video. No XR air pics here, but certainly looking forward to seeing some more posted up. I should get some pics of my DRZ in the air.
  3. Sounds like it won't be a problem.. but for anyone that does ride over there often: I should be ok with a Mass ATV plate, right? I've ridden plenty of areas, and never got crap, just want to check with those that ride the dam often. Thanks
  4. Nice truck. I plan on looking at a tacoma sometime this week. Need a new car badly, and have been trying to find a truck that will fit my needs. I do a fair amount of driving during the week though, so gas mileage can't be *too* horrible. Congrats though. Looks good.
  5. Best vid I've seen in a loooong time
  6. Just to chime in here as well. I'd say rent the Bobcat for an entire weekend if you can. Most places near me have a weekend rate which is decent vs. having to pay for 2 seperate days if you don't get it all done in time. A skidsteer is easy to drive, but shaping definitely will take some time. I say first gather as much dirt as you can, do a rough layout, and save the final shaping for the VERY last - because along the way I can guarantee you'll want to change things. If you have to, just use the bobcat for moving dirt to where your jumps will be, and shape them after. The weight of the bobcat is good to pack down the jumps as well. Good luck, and take some pics EDIT - And that's from experience of using one.
  7. Yep. There's lots of those kits out there. Just recently helped a friend put one on his Suzuki Boulevard (he has one leg). Cuts power to the coil while shifting so that it doesn't rely on the operator to cut the throttle to reduce stress during shifting. My thoughts - if you don't have to force it in, you're not hurting anything.
  8. It was a joke. I got it. And laughed. Anyways. Nice bike, looks clean for sure. Now go out and get it dirty.
  9. Awesome, thanks for the help. The smell of simple green will be much better than dirty water stink. LOL Water was unfortunately over the boot line. They generally do a good job at keeping water out from small crossings, large puddles, etc. I had to put my foot down and it was knee-height. Thanks again.
  10. Hi guys, Any tips for cleaning/ washing your MX boots? I was doing some trail riding today and came to a nice river crossing. Made it across, but water *poured* into my boots (Fox) soaked inside and out. Anything I can do to keep them from smelling like swamp water when they dry? I'm guessing it's not a good idea to just throw them in the wash with the leather and all, but I can't find the paperwork that came with them for some tips.
  11. Does anyone know of a license plate bracket available for an '04 drz250? I'm *guessing* if I found one for a 400, it would work? Need a way to mount my atv plate, and it looks like there are 2 mounting holes for a bracket under the fender. If all else fails, I could make one... but a premade solution is better. Any advice is appreciated!
  12. Yes, it's still under warranty. I'll have the dealer take a look at it - if for nothing else... just to ease my mind. Gave it a good look over last night, and took it out on some trails for about an hour. No signs of any issues at all. I think it's just the thumper gremlins.
  13. I have a newly purchased '04 DRZ-250 that has maybe 8 hours on it. I was out the other day, and when running, if it's leaned way to one side, there will be a noticable increase in engine noise (sounds like valvetrain to me). Is this normal? Oil is fresh and up to the proper level. I haven't checked the valve clearances yet however. Trying to find a Suzuki manual so I get to looking at it. Thoughts?
  14. Anyone with experience that can give me some guidance on setting the suspension up on my DRZ250? I bought a new '04 recently, and though I have ridden off-road quite a bit in the past - I have never made suspension adjustments. So I am very new to what changes will make the bike react how. For reference, I'm 5'11" and ~200lbs and do all trail riding. Terrain is a lot of rocks, ruts, roots, small hills, etc. with the occassional flat straight section. I haven't even set the sag yet, but I will be doing that tonight. Any help is appreciated
  15. Just bought an '04 DRZ250 last night, and took it out for a couple hours today. Eventually I'll snag a few pics and put them on my website.