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  1. alright, so i have been hooked on motocross ever since i got on my first bike. I pretty much breath for the sake of riding. I just sold my r6 because...well, there is only so much potential. My motto is if i can't jump it, why have it? so i am new to the motard interest, and i am really intense on making it happen. I figured the best place to ask my questions are here. i am looking for recomendations and input. I have scoured the forums and answered a lot of my questions, but still have a few. here goes. i am really attracted to the versatility of the crf conversion. Mainly, i am attracted to the idea of MX suspension coupled with street riding, but i also love the idea of taking on the project and building the bike myself. customizing i suppose Is the crf450 conversion an ideal choice for a bike that i will commute relatively short distances, use for the occasional track day, but primarily, use for ripping around romote areas looking for interesting urban terrain to use (i realize this is illegal, but...)? any other bike reccomendations? i am also curious if anybody has a solid answer on the chances of making a crf street legal in NY state? part of what i like about the crf is that i could always change it back to a MXer. i am looking at a lot of these conversion kits that cost around 2500 dollars. Anybody have any kit reccomendations? or is it better to just buy things seperately? any input would be great. thanks guys dan