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  1. I have always run aluminum skid plates on my other bikes and I am running the factory six days plastic skid plate on my 300 XC and it has taken a beating and very durable. I was reluctant at first, but after several rocky tree rooted rides I am a believer of this skid plate. It was easy to install and love how quick and easy it is to take off and on when washing or servicing the bike compared to my previous mounted aluminum skid plates. Hope this helps you out on your decision?
  2. What is every bodies preferred choice for tubes/tubeless.
  3. So what are the pros and cons of UHD tubes, Tubeliss, and Bib Mousse?
  4. What is a bib Moose tube? I have been mostly mx down south in GA and played in the woods with mx bikes and not XC bikes. Any tips of the trade are greatly appreciated!
  5. So many great suggestions to pick from now! I am curious about the Pirelli MT-16 for the front and not sure about the rear? How are the trials tires around here and which ones? Can anyone explain more to me about the tubeliss systems that I am starting to here?
  6. Those are some nice tires, but not sure about the price tag on them. I was running Michelin Starcross MH3 on my 4 strokes down in GA, but not sure how well they would do up here in WA. A friend mentioned to me about running Bridgestone M403/M404 on my bike.
  7. I too do not like the (stock) Dunlop MX51 that are on my 300XC right now and thinking of running Michelin Starcross MH3 again. I have had great luck with them in the past and always a great tire.
  8. I am a four seasons rider and have been riding mostly at Capital Forest and Tahuya (Belfair) Forest lately, mainly on the west side of the state. Lately the rain has been giving me a time trying to control the bike on the stock tires at 10-12 psi.
  9. Hello, I am back in the saddle on a 2 stroke again after many years on a 4 stroke! I am wanting to get the stock tires off my bike since I can't seem to get a good feel with them up here in Washington State and was wondering what everyone likes for tires (front/rear) to make this bike handle/grip better on the trails up here?
  10. I had the same problem with my pro bends when putting them on. You won't get them to lay flat perfectly but I ended up tightening the main bolt half way and then tighten the four smaller screws about half way until I got most of the gap flat. I have tried several different ways and have almost stripped out the main bolt doing it. It is solid and took a beating last weekend on wet slick mountain trails! I also had to slide my front brake closer to the throttle and relocate the starter button to the left of the front brake. I like it better this way and have a little more to grab onto the front brake now.
  11. I have taken a file and scored my bars for better adhesion...then spray the inside grips with Aqua Net and slide them on. I set the grips with compressed air from my air tank and then safety wire them tight. Never have had a problem with this method. If you need to replace your grips later on, all you do is use compressed air to slide them off without all the residue you get from grip glue!
  12. No it won't fit. I went to try to put a 06-08 seat cover on my 09 seat and would work.
  13. Someone told me to run a 2010 header, it is suppose to be about an inch closer to the the motor.
  14. Yamaha

    I have a new 06 YFZ450 and I want to put on an adjustable fuel mixture screw on it to tweek the low end throttle response (already have the Quickshot on it). Problem is that I can't find the fuel mixture screw on this carb, like it has on my 04 YZ450F. Can anyone tell me where this bad boy is at or if it even has one. Thanks a bunch....
  15. I have a PMB end cap on my bike and does sound nice. I was also check the other day to see if it was SA. Thank goodness for that, but my buddy wasn't so lucky with his CRF450. He got a nice little ticket for that.