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  1. Spoke with Holland, he was helpful. Anybody know the number of teeth on a stock geared TE 510 chain? Also, to confirm my calculations, top speed on a 510 is around 106 (theoretical, i.e. redline in 6th) correct? I was struggling on a bit on a 450 vs. 510 decision (prefer 450 for HS and 510 for SM. But the gearing on the TE and SMRs is much closer in the 510 model as opposed to the 450. This just might end up working after all.
  2. about $1500 + shipping/tax if you go with stock rotor size and keep stock calipers. I need to figure out the gearing though. The TE is 13/50, and the SMR is 14/42. Need to figure out the maximum differential possible without having to pull links each swap. I'm sure the rims are high quality, but its still irritating. You can do the same conversion to a KTM for much less. Still, I think I'll buy the Husky. Between the lower msrp and no need for DS kit the rim price differential becomes less painful. Now just to decide between the 510 and 450...
  3. Thanks Norman, they were able to answer all my questions.
  4. scotch

    Dual Sporting a TE

    no problem, thanks for the reply.
  5. scotch

    Dual Sporting a TE

    Right, usually the rotors are singificantly larger, and at least on the KTMs, there's a bracket to move the caliper up and back... anything like that for the Husky that you know of? No other problems that you've heard of though? Any reasonably priced (<$700) rims come to mind?
  6. scotch

    Supermoto vs Speed bike

    Great video, very entertaining. That track was pretty tight though, at least by superbike standards. But worse, the riders he's passing look like its their first trackday. One things for sure though, the vid does a great job at showing why tards are so fun.
  7. scotch

    Dual Sporting a TE

    Flame, could you point me in the direction of a thread or perhaps a website that has the parts necessary for this 10 minute swap you speak of?
  8. Thanks for the replies. What's really hanging me up is the rims. Can you slap on a set of 17s without much trouble? Or, do you have to change calipers etc.? *edit - also a link to the parts would be great!
  9. no problems standing arod? Hard to tell in a showroom but it felt fine sitting, I did feel like I'd be a little more bent over than I like when standing. btw I'm 6'3".
  10. Thinking about picking up a TE 450. My use would be DS duty to and from our riding areas (maybe 20 miles max), trail duty, and periodic scrambles and poker runs (everything from desert to ultra tight single track). I plan to pick up a set of 17” rims for supermoto duty as well. Any problems you see with the Husky filling this role? I realize it will be down a bit on power for SM duty, but I don’t want a 550 for trail reasons. Also, I haven’t been able to find rims that work? I’d like something that I don’t have to change calipers when I change rims, if I have to buy another rotor that’s ok, but I don’t want to have to bleed brakes whenever I switch. Are the parts availability problems a thing of the past? And lastly, I only sat on a 450 briefly. In that short time I came away with the impression that the ergos might be a bit cramped for taller riders compared to say, a 450 XC. Anybody else run into this?
  11. scotch

    Supermoto vs Speed bike

    The only day I ever thought I was fast was the first day I bought my first sportbike. Unfortunately, my evolution is complete. I now ride a dual sport and spend my time in the woods (fast enough to pass a few squids on gixxers on my way to the trails I should add). But every time I see a guy like you hanging at Starbucks Norcal, I am happy for you. Because I know, you are at the beginning of your evolution. To know what I'm talking about, read this: http://www.socalrpm.com/SoCal_Web/News/Evolution/evolution.html Have fun and enjoy whatever you ride.
  12. scotch

    Supermoto vs Speed bike

    Thank you. I've been leeching info from these forums for the last couple weeks, I finally found a post I could contribute too )
  13. scotch

    Supermoto vs Speed bike

    I instruct at track days and until recently raced open superbike. Now and then we would get some SM guys at the big tracks, and it was interesting to see them slide around. In general though they ran 10-15 seconds off race pace. On really tight corners (e.g. under 30 stuff), a SM should be faster. Also, on a kart track with lots of transitions a SM should flick over quicker. Sport bikes just aren't stable that slow, and they can't get much drive. I think in general other's points were spot on. Under 30 on a liter bike and it's like lugging a trail bike. It's not really a fair comparison though. In any condition other than the ultra tight stuff you're talking about though the SM would get killed. Our superbikes were pushing 200hp and under 400 lbs, against what? 70ish hp and 260lbs (with bad aeros)? Moreso, the high center of gravity and clearence allows corner speed that an SM cannot match on anything but the tightest of corners. I don't think anecdotal comparisons are valid. There are a ton of squids on sportbikes that have no clue how to ride, whereas most SMs you see on the streets have a worthy pilot. SMs are a blast, and in very small tracks they are one of the quicker ways to get around. Anything a sportbike can get out of 1st gear on though and its bye-bye SM.