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  1. 801pe

    suspension advice rg3 or factory connection

    I have RG3 and love my suspension( a set of diamond kit and a set revalved the same as my DK-over 3K in work) . I do currently have a hard time recommending them because they have owed me $40 since Jan 2011. They forgot to apply a discount on smart valves. I have called several times and am told the check will be in the mail, well no check yet. Its a bummer because I have lots of guys asking me how I like my suspension and I tell them I love it, but..... E.
  2. 801pe

    Torn on footpeg purchase

    I use the fastway F6 footpeg. The cleats are replaceable and my feet do not slip off the pegs. I would not get the pro tapers because the cleats are made of aluminum and wear quickly. Replacement cleats are in the neighborhood of 65 because you have to replace all the cleats as one assy. The scar or tusk pegs fall into the same category, made of aluminum/wear quickly. The CRF stuff pegs are wider than the IMS, between the 2 i would get the CRF stuff. I have tested many different brands of footpegs in both titanium and steel. The CRF stuff pegs do look tough.
  3. Try replacing the clutch cable. If you power wash your bike I bet the cable is full of grit. E.
  4. 801pe

    2011 Handeling Issues

    If you still have expert + speed you will have to stiffen the forks, you may choose to do springs, valving or a combination of both. I have the FC .50KG with a RG3 MX pro setting and 370cc in the forks. I am also running a size softer (ALS-0053) on the shock with most of the HSC and LSC backed out. I think this is the best handling bike I have ridden. I am 170 and run the 25+A class. Good luck sorting out the front end. E.
  5. 801pe

    tee joint crf450

    CV4 Y rad hoses. They will eliminate the problems. I like the CV4 over the other options that are out there because of the build quality of the CV4 hoses. They do not deform so you have better coolant flow, and they hold up very well to the elements and heat, I have had a set on a bike since oct 08 and they look like I put them on yesterday. The only negative is they are not cheap. E.
  6. 801pe

    2008 Crf 450r

    Same size forks.
  7. My guess is #16, make sure you put it in the right way.
  8. 801pe

    2010 crf 450 to 2011 exhaust

    All you need to do is move the canister mount further back and raise it a little. You could also weld a new mount to the subframe, or source a subframe for a 10 or 09 off the bay. You can also get the exhaust for the 11. E
  9. 801pe

    '09 Crank ?????

    You need to pull the ignition cover to do that check, the magnets are that strong. Drain the oil first and have a gasket handy. E.
  10. 801pe

    CRF 450R EFI Programmer

    I have the Honda programer, my best advice is to send your ECU to SSW and save yourself some money. I have been pleased with his tunes, and my programer sits in a bag until the one time a year I need it to load a tune. With the money you save you can get a MRD exhaust system for the 11, the bike certainly needs it.
  11. 801pe

    Exhaust for 2011 CRF450, worth it?

    The stock exhaust is very restrictive, replace the exhaust. Doing so will give you much better mid and top end power with no degrease in the low end. The bike is totally rideable with just the exhaust (I have an MRD system), but works better with a remap of the ECU. E.
  12. 801pe

    2011 honda crf side panels

    the exhaust number plate will need to be modified, the mount for the canister was moved back in the 11.
  13. I have 2 09's with 100+ hours. I replaced both cranks at @125hrs and the transmissions are fine. I am pretty hard on the bikes, I race 25+ Expert and these have been as durable as any other bikes I have owned. The stock clutch works fine in my practice bike, but the suspension does need work, but any bike I ride needs suspension work to suit my taste. See if your buddy will let you do a few laps on the Honda, some love it, some hate it.
  14. 801pe

    Which to get? '09 or '11

    All the "problems" kept Chad Reed off one. His team, he can ride whatever he wants. It seems the problematic Honda suits him. Having owned the bikes in question, I can give an accurate account of their performance and durability. The first thing I can say is these are high performance race engines that require the maintenance associated with high performance. If you read through the gearbox failure thread you may have noticed most of the guys having problems shift without clutch and did not let off the throttle, its not good to shift a transmission under load. I have a friend who destroyed the transmission in his 08. He has a Rekluse and never let off the gas, banged it through the gears. I rebuilt it for him, and told him if he didn't want to spend another 600 to let off the throttle when he shifts. All modern race cars retard the ignition for milliseconds to allow for proper shifting. Suspension work is done at every level of racing. My friend hated his 10yz450 till he has the suspension done. Mapping, it is so easy to shift the power around now, you would be giving up an edge if you dont take advantage of it. My buddy with the 10yz450 remapped his as well. The clutch, I have both the Hinson 6 springer and the stocker in bikes I'm racing, the oil stays cleaner in the Hinson unit, but the pull and fade is similar on both bikes. 2006-2008 were very good bikes, but the 2009-2011 are much better. My 2009-11 450 out handled my wife's 08 250f, we got her a 10-250f. I had to do similar modifications to all these years to get the bike where I want to race it. I would get the 11 even though the exhaust is so restrictive and kills the top end, but the smaller throttle body makes better low end than 09-10. I'll close with this, If you give me the bike, I'll ride it, whatever brand.
  15. I have posted this in a few other threads, but it is relevant.