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  1. GeoJedi

    Yosh RS-3 question -- baffle

    Well, that answered that question! I am assuming it is as simple as removing the three allen bolts at the end of the pipe? I make sure I have the baffle out before the ride tomorrow...
  2. GeoJedi

    Yosh RS-3 question -- baffle

    I just installed a Yosh RS-3 slipon on the DRZ400SM. Can the spark arrester baffle be removed? The superbike world I come from does not have spark arresters, so please excuse the stupid question... Thanks guys. I will be taking her out on the first ride tomorrow with the new pipe, so I want her sounding right.
  3. GeoJedi

    My brand spanking new DRZ400SMK6

    It was a 1999 TL1000R (my second one, the first was a 2001). The highest I had it was an indicated 175. I am not really a top speed guy, but I did open it up once to see what it would do (on a long straight back road where there were no houses or kids). There is nothing like a superbike twin, but I am stepping away from superbikes for a while... kid on the way...
  4. Got the beast a couple of weeks ago, but work related travel (and a trip to Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham for the AMA Superbike round) has limited my riding somewhat. She has about 50 miles on her so far, and I am very pleased. I already have a pipe on order through thumpertalk, but I need to call them on Monday and have them add a jet kit to the order. Hopefully you will be seeing a lot of me on here as time goes on. If you have seen a bone stock DRZ400SM then you have seen mine, but to keep you all from complaining about a thread being useless without pics I thought I would throw one in for good measure... Oh, and the ride I gave up for the DRZ....