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  1. manboobcrf230rider

    will crf exhaust fit xr exhaust?

    i got on crfsonly.com last night looking for an exhaust pipe for my 2003 xr80. my friend said that basically crfs are xrs but with different stickers. went to xrsonly.com and they only have xr's brand things there on their site, not all the assessories (however the crap you spell it) that you can get. so my question is can i put a white brothers r4 exhaust system that goes to 01-05 crf80's on my xr 80?
  2. manboobcrf230rider

    top speed of a 2003 xr80?

    does anybody no the top speed of an xr80? if you do please tell me. i want to no
  3. manboobcrf230rider

    can you jump a 2003 xr80

    i am 105 puonds
  4. manboobcrf230rider

    CRF80 or klx 110

    i got an xr80(the same bike but with different stickes) and i rip on it . i would advise you to get your daughter a crf 80. and plus, honda has the famous "honda reliability) and this is a powerful bike. anywhere my friend takes me on his drz 125, i can handle just as easy as he can. get the 80
  5. manboobcrf230rider

    can you jump a 2003 xr80

    i just bought a used xr80 2003 and i am gonna do some serious riding on it. i just want to no if i can jump it. is the suspension good enough, will it hurt the bike? please help me out, i dont want ot screw up my bike
  6. manboobcrf230rider

    what does cr stand for?

    im just curious, but does anybody no what cr stands for? there is crf,cr, cr-v(a honda sport vehicle thingy) a crb, and a few more that i dont no that much about. but waht does it stand for? i dont really need to no i am jus wonderin
  7. manboobcrf230rider

    am i to small?

    well, i am the person that made this thread and i will answer some of your questions. but i have some questions to. my first is, what is a lowering kit?where can i get one? how much is it? how much will it lower? now to answer some of your questions. i have gone to a dealer but the only version of the 230 they had was the street bike. the one with the headlight,street tires, etc. how do i make all that money you asked. well, i umpire 7 and 8 year old league baseball and make 12 dollars a game. i gat a 15 dollar allowance a week. i get another 15 dollars if i mow the grass. i have birth day and christmas money. and i babysit. i make 10 a day for babysittin after school but in the summer i will get 20 dollars a day. but i only babysitt 2 days a week. but i will let you no that i dont want a 85 motocross bike. i am just wierd like that but i dont want one. i wont be racing. just trail riding. and a lot of it. please give me some more responses so i will no what to do.thanks
  8. manboobcrf230rider

    am i to small?

    i am about 4 foot 10 or 4 foot 11 and i am still debating on what to get. will i be to small to ride the crf230f? or should i go with the crf150? but i will still be able to touch one footed on the crf230 f i think. i sat on one of the street crf230 bikes and it was huge. but it had a headlight and street tires and stuff. i think i can touch one footed with the other on the peg. is that ok or really dangerous? i am 13 and still havent hit my growth spurt yet and it will be about 8 months till i get it anyway. but i robably wont grow to extremely much. what should i do? not to mention that i dont have enough money to keep upgrading because i have to buy my own bikes. and yes i make a lot of money so dont even say that i cant save that much. im already 1/3 the way there. so dont say that i should get the 150 then get the 230 when i grow into it cause thats really not a choice. and plus my friends have big bikes and i want to keep up with them. im so confused
  9. manboobcrf230rider

    ttr230 or cr4f230

    I need a little advice. I am 4 foot 11, 103 pounds, and was going to get a yamaha tt-r 125le. i sat on the bike at the dealer and could only touch one footed, but i dont have a problem with that. I can handle it. but my friends who are both older than me that I go riding with have better bikes than me. i have a 100cc bike that i bought off the corner of a lot. it runs pretty well, but is not as powerfull or fast enough to keep up with my friends bikes. one is 14 and has a xr80 and the other is 13 and has a drz125. and yes even though his is an 80, his is still a honda and woops me. so i started thinking. the kid with the 80 is going to get a crf150 next month and why save up for a smaller bike (yamaha 125)when i no that his is still gonna be bigger? so i was like, y dont i get a crf230 and woop both o those punks? but you r probably sayin that i am to short and when i grow old enough and big enough to get the 230, then just buy it. well my family dont work that way. i have to buy it 100% by myself and i have almost saved that much.i cant keep upgrading bikes because i dont have enough money to do that. so now i have a question for all you poeple reading this. what should i get. a tr 230, stick with the ttr 125, or the honda crf230(which is wat i prefer)? please help me out.
  10. manboobcrf230rider

    Can exhaust ipes juice up a little more horse?

    thanks for the help
  11. my dad and me are argueing about this. he believes that an exhaust pipe is just to make the bike look pretty and sound different. but i have read some things and he doesnt believe me when i say that pipes can really make your bike go fster and juice it up. who is right?
  12. manboobcrf230rider

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    ya that a prettty good deal, depending on how worn out it is
  13. manboobcrf230rider

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    I heard that the crf230 will go 72 mph stock