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  1. Alright thank you.
  2. Will 2006-2008 YZ125 plastics fit a 2005 YZ125, mainly asking about the front number plate, front fender and possibly the fork guards. Thanks for any help or advice.
  4. Anyone going?
  5. I just got that Bell Helmet and it seems to be very well made. Up there with Arai and Shoei if you ask me.
  6. The best neck roll on the market is the EVS RC3, I would recommend the Leatt though. I mean, isn't your neck worth $400?
  7. Just bought some myself and even before break in they are more comfortable than my tech 6's ever were. Plus the ankle support on the sg10's feels so much better. Check out ebay, you can find great deals if you look around and give it some time.
  8. Main bikes 1990 xr80 Not in this one, those are friends. 2003 xr100 2001 cr80 expert 2005 yz125 (current) Bikes that I had when I had a main bike also 2002 xr50(big bars, stiff suspension, etc.) 1997 xr100 1973 100g5 (current) 2003 xr100 (current)
  9. The gear doesn't have to match the bike, the gear just has to match the gear. For example me: If I was you I would get blue gear.
  10. Best in the business. Period.
  11. I thought they kept it there, just had it going the opposite way. Guess not. Numuken, will you and your buddy's be riding this Sunday? I would love to come check out ya'll's track, since I never got around to it earlier this year when I have talked to you about it. Let me know man. By the way, I am going to Bremen tomorrow for night practice, p.m. me if you are as well.