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  1. JMXR677

    What drives you?

    I race to live. The only thing i've ever done. Pretty much the only thing i've ever been good at. There ain't nothing better railing a sweet rut into a 60 foot triple right out of a turn.
  2. STROKEDS!!!!!! So whats the name of the track and whats their number? What was the [name of the track owner or who you talked to? I bet ur full of sheeeoot. but thats cool
  3. JMXR677


    me scrubbing a small double
  4. I was 5th gear pinned, there is a small double before it(35 feet)and it jumps down into a small hole and the tabletop is right out of the hole. With prolly a good 10ft tall take off.
  5. Oh yeah and i didnt have all my gear on bc ten minutes b4 that they had a pitbike race i didnt know about so i hurried up and threw on my boots helmet gloves and goggles....ur right, not smart thats why i didnt have any more gear on hey honda80 im just wondering if you race very much and have you ever seen guys in movies jump pitbikes??? if not i understand why u think its fake.
  6. Im the dude in the picture. For all of u non belivers, go ahead and keep telling yourself its not real. I dont really care, Bc I know what i can do and appearently know what u CANT do since you think its fake. Oh well.....anybody want to buy a barely used crf 100????