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  1. Anyone know if a footpeg lowering kit is available for the KX450F. If so, where?
  2. I have seen those. They only have the 3.2 gallon one. Looks like one hell of a ball buster. I found a 2.9 gallon one on cyclebuy.com. No picture of it though. And it is that only one I have found that is 2.9 gallons. So I was just curious why.
  3. I have seen one site that sells the 2.9 gallon fuel tank for the '06 450F. But they charge an arm and a leg for shipping. Anyone know where a good place to find the ims fuel tanks for the 450's at?
  4. How much did you pick up the 400 for?
  5. I have a 2001 MX 400 that has been meticulously taken care of for about $2,000 if anyone is interested. cjarnagan@yahoo.com
  6. I am trying to sell my 2001 VOR 400 MX. The bike is in great condition, and has many extras. Does anyone know what they are going for these days?