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  1. 05raptor350

    Vid from yesterday

    heres another video from the same day... its just me doing a no hander that i forgot to put in the previous video http://media.putfile.com/no-hander-65
  2. 05raptor350

    why quads

    Having both a quad and a bike... bikes take way more skill and muscle to ride than quads, and honestly in my opinion bikes are way more fun to ride. Just riding around on the little trails i have behind my house, i get tired alot faster on a bike than my quad. I could ride around on 4 wheels all day and not get tired physicly... but mentaly i get tired(bored) alot faster. I would pick a bike over a quad anyday. Quads are still fun to ride but you can have alot more fun on a bike, but its mostly personal preference.
  3. 05raptor350

    MX best athletes in the world...

    i dont know if this will help but it made me really realize how physicaly fit you have to be... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motocross#Physical_demands
  4. 05raptor350

    Are we killing our own sport?

    noise is most definaltly going to kill our sport eventualy if we dont do something about it, i have a rapptor 350... im pickin up a yz125 this weekend so dont bash me too hard haha... any way, i used to take out my baffle/spark arrester because i once thought more noise= more power... well after gaining riding experience and going to tracks and hearing how loud some of those machines are made me realize that it really isnt sweet to be that loud. My one friend has a really loud pipe on his quad and when i go riding with him and get behind him its actually very anoying. On the other hand, some manufactures are doing their part such as HMF, i know with atleast one of their pipes for the 4strokes you can get a silencer insert adn its pretty damn quiet but with all the power. I dont know if any others do this or not but i think thats really good that HMF does that, now if everyone else does this and everyone keeps the silencers in... well then we could have a slight solution to the problem. I dont know just my thoughts
  5. 05raptor350

    Any quad vids out their??

    Heres my video from slippery rock, its not me doin wheelies on a ranch quad so enjoy!! oh yeah im on the blue well... mud brown yamaha raptor with red a-arms adn my brohters on the blaster, i know slippery rock sucks but hey its the best i can do for now CLICK HERE
  6. 05raptor350

    Shock help needed for Chinese Dirt Bike

    hey lets see some pics of this fly wing of yours
  7. 05raptor350

    post pics of your quad

    thats my 05 raptor 350, im seriously thinking about selling and buying a bike tho, speaking of which, i was thinking about getting a yz125, im like a little more than 6ft. tall and weigh roughly 170, im 17, would that be a good bike for me? im a beginer as far as bikes go. Like, size wise would i fit pretty well or would i be cramped, ive ridden my friends (Pger555) crf230 just thought id throw that in there, thanks