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    09 250R bench valve adjustment

    Thank you!! I'll do just that and make sure I do the re-check.
  2. What is the proper procedure for adjusting valves with the head off the engine?

    Taylor Park

    I was filling up a gas can and did'nt even think to look over there, but I'm sure it still is.

    Taylor Park

    Iwas up there with the Family Friday-Monday weather was perfect!!! about 30min. of light rain each afternoon. Did get to 30 overnight tho. Trails and Roads were awesome!

    Denver area shop reviews

    +1 on john at Motofix, have taken several bikes to him and never had a problem with the service and attn. givin to each and every one.

    Rampart Spring Closure

    OFFICIAL OPEN FOR THE RAMPART MAY 1! Just got off the phone with the District Ranger and YES the Rampart is going to open Thursday, May 1. He Thought probably around 8 am. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO USE THE AREA RESPONSIBLY! NO MUD BOGGING! Please note, there are still wet areas and north slopes (and probably the singletrack) will likely be icy. The State trails crew will not be able to get to the Rampart unit mid-May, so there is real possibility of timber down on the trails, especially with all the wind we've had of late. If you come across down trees post up here, or report to the USFS so we can get it cut out. If you come up on a tree you can't move, be cool and limit the impact going around down trees. Be safe and Have fun! From their facebook page about an hour ago!

    Dampner rod keeps retracting

    Got it all fixxed, thanks guys. I was a noob and totally forgot to bleed it properly, once I re-done the process it works great. Thanks again, great responces and great people.

    Dampner rod keeps retracting

    OK gotcha makes sense. Thanks

    Dampner rod keeps retracting

    That sounds good, I will take that advice and run with it. Thank you Mog. Just for my own info. how would the bike react if I were to ride it this way? Thanks again.
  10. I just replaced the fork seals on a 2009 crf 250x and the dampner rods are retracting all the way in. What have I done and how can I fix this? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  11. We have 2 of the CRF150RB's and you will need to pick up a spark arrestor as these bikes do not have them from the factory, as for the sound test we have never been checked and I imagine even if you were checked they would just tell you that you were over and not actually write you up.

    Taylor Park / Reservoir & novice riders

    get the lat 40 map and stick to the jeep roads they will have a blast and not be in over their heads. We have been going for the past three or four years and my boys are now 13 and 15 and have loved every time we went.

    Taylor Park / Reservoir & novice riders

    There are tons of two track trails and "jeep" roads that they would do fine on.

    Rampart Range dog rescue

    Great story and good for you and all involved.

    Cement Mountain Trail South TH

    Are you sure it's not Cement Creek Trail? If it is then get the Latitude 40 map from the trading post and it shows it real well.