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  1. Paul061

    2000 KTM200EXC What's it worth

    I'm a bit confused. So the shrouds on the pictured bike are not 2000 model shrouds? What did you put in the extra hole?
  2. Paul061

    2000 KTM200EXC What's it worth

    is that bike a 2000 or 2001? The reason I ask, is I broke a radiator shroud and they sent one for a 2001. It has the extra bolt hole in the bottom of the tank and mine doesn't.
  3. Well I think I'm hanging up the boots. What would be a fair asking price for my 200? I rebuilt the top end last year with new piston, rings, replated cylinder( has maybe 5 hours on it). It runs great.
  4. Paul061

    2000 200EXC rad shroud

    Thanks that would be them, although I was hoping to pay 10 bucks :-)..I guess though it might be better to have new plastic for 40 bucks than 12 year old brittle stuff. That's why mine broke, the shoulder around the bolt tore out. Well now it's time to look for graphics.
  5. Paul061

    2000 200EXC rad shroud

    hmm i don't see it? I see an 01 200SX but it looks like the 01 is different from the 00?
  6. Paul061

    99 300exc Headlight

    If a 200 is the same i have one I'd sell cheap, as in free. The light itself broken but the housing is good. I switched to a number plate.
  7. Paul061

    2000 200EXC rad shroud

    I broke a shroud yesterday. Can anyone direct me to the years and models that will work. I'm thinking this is going to be expensive. Thanks!
  8. Paul061

    EVO or Devol ?

    One more vote for Dan Moore and EVO. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet and great suspension. I am 48 and he set my RMZ450 up for MX perfectly. super plush on the top and progessive to the bottom. I know some off road guys who had him do theirs and they love it also.
  9. Paul061

    Winter G.P Series

    I don't think so hahaha. This is my first time on the bike since my August debacle at the Old timers MX event. I do have a new Go Pro just waiting for some interesting video.
  10. Paul061

    Winter G.P Series

    How late can we sign up for the short course?
  11. Paul061

    2002 200EXC

    I have the same bike. I just took the 8oz flywheel weight, and headlight off as I'm going to see how it does in Arenacross.
  12. Paul061

    The KTM 200 Club

    I bought an SX front numberplate for my 2000 200EXC, I always hated the light. Anyways, the black buttress on the top of the fender makes it so the front plate wont fit. I'm sure someone has done this before. Do you not run the buttress and plug the hole in the fender, take a saw to the front plate and cut clearence or is there a different fender?
  13. I crashed pretty hard this weekend basically landed sideways and highsided. I hit my shoulder and it's really sore. It isn't the AC joint but the one more towards my chest that the bicept tendon would go to. I have about full range of motion but very sore from horizontal to straight up. I hate going to the doctor, so do I wait 1 week, two weeks? How long could it take to heal if nothing is wrong? In the meantime is ice the prescribed treatment? It isn't swollen or bruised just hurts like crap. Thanks!!!
  14. Paul061

    Capitol forest poker run this Saturday

    It was a fun event. Good trail loop. The big problem was marking the trail, markers should go in front of the entrance to the trail not 20 yards down the next one :-).
  15. Paul061

    Capitol forest poker run this Saturday

    I'm planing on going. I'm always up for a good cause