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  1. SlowRideXT

    My favorite riding weather!

    We just got our first snow flurries and there were some frozen puddles on the street on my last ride. I wouldn't say it's my FAVORITE time to ride but still I think I'd ride all winter with some studded tires (they are legal on cars here in sudbury ontario) but I wondered if the cops would say this is careless or if it would violate some laws to be on the street in the winter. Anyone ever heard of winter street riding being tried in northern ontario? Is this a crazy idea??
  2. SlowRideXT

    what tire should i get for my xt350

    I have Kenda Trackmaster 2's frnt and rr on my 350 right now. I've been liking the rear 110/100, chugs me along through sand and mud fine and has gripped well enough for me on everything. I run 8lbs in it and don't ride agressively anyway so the soft compound gets alot of rubber on the ground. The front I don't like too much. It was decent at first but wear has made it much worse (it has alot of road miles). The treads turn into more like flat bars across the tire with no bite especially sideways terrible on wet hard packed dirt. It's BRUTAL on alot of the easiest trails around here when the front wants to slip and slide down every slope on the trail its like riding on bumpy ice
  3. SlowRideXT

    whats the reason to get a new DS

    My sentiments EXACTLY!
  4. SlowRideXT

    Xt350 strange carb set up question

    Thanks I will try that too! My brother-in-law brought up a good point to me that got me thinking; when you open the enrichment circuit (pull the "choke" knob out) the rpm's increase, so I guess the "lean" idea might have been be misleading/not neccessarily the case? It made me think perhaps having too small a pilot with the fuel screw out too far (outside the rule of thumb) could change the dynamics, ie. too lean or even close to right at idle but leaks too much gas just off idle while there is still significant vacuum over it, right where it likes to hang around 2500 rpm? A too high bowl level could probably create almost the same action by reducing the vacuum required to pull fuel up to the barrel, no? Nothing like a mysterious carb condition to get brushed up on theory!!
  5. SlowRideXT

    Xt350 strange carb set up question

    This must be a different sizing system than the one I was using or is it really that small??
  6. SlowRideXT

    Xt350 strange carb set up question

    Hey thanks for the input and the info. Took the thing apart again tonight. No s*** the hole is small... I can see how it would be easy to mess it up with a drill bit. We didn't have one that small anyhow. Throwing caution to the wind I measured some torch cleaning rods with the micrometer and ran one through the pilot which measured 42.3 in jet units (hundreths of a mm). I was told the stock ones I have ordered are 42.5 but this one only says 42 on it and there was a bit of resistance at first. Anyway the idle still hangs as always but the engine no longer dies completely when you open the throttle very quickly from idle. It actually revs right up with no hesitation. Wow. I'm still going to experiment with the pilot size but this is an encouraging start with such a small change (and full of scratches I'm sure!)
  7. SlowRideXT

    Xt350 strange carb set up question

    Maybe I will sometime just to experiment. Thought I was going to get some stock pilots to drill out today but now they tell me it's going to be a whole week longer and thats still going to be step one. If that doesn't cure it I'll definitely be trying the mains too even tho I cant see how that would do it..
  8. Hey I know this has a few threads already but my question is a little different. I've been trying to get rid of a hanging idle on my second-hand XT for some time, already changed both carb boots and had the carb cleaned, finally decided to try a bigger pilot. When I opened up the carb to see what was in it I found that the pilot was the stock 42, but the primary main is a 120 instead of a stock 125 and the secondary is a 102 instead of a stock 106. The needles are also not stock. No other mods appear to have been done to the bike. Why would someone put smaller jets in this thing?? And it runs really well except for the hanging idle which shows up when the thing gets hot, and a dissapointing top end..is there any point in trying larger jets if I don't open up the intake and exhaust since it runs properly already (good plug readings, starts easy, smooth engine operation).
  9. SlowRideXT

    standing up on hills

    Great thread guys thanks for the great discussion. I seem to have the same problem with hanging on to the bars alot and have been working on it but can't seem to make it work alot of the time. For instance, high speed down gravel roads with dry puddle dips/potholes, in the sand and on sandy fairly steep climbs I'm always leaning back (sticking my ass out back) and pulling on the bars to lighten the front. I wondered if this is just me or is it the set up of the bike? I'm on an XT350 and I wondered how far back/forward are the pegs on other bikes (from front axle mine are 36" and the total wheelbase is 57").
  10. SlowRideXT

    Canadian XT350 Riders

    Hey, 95 XT350 in sudbury ontario here.. Love the bike for the trail riding and bombing around town that I do with it but still having some trouble with a hanging idle.. the bike was in great condition when I picked it up 2 years ago with only 1600 road km on it and is still in good shape but needs some gaskets I think. The airbox hasn't been modified and it has the stock pipe. Don't know what jets are in it but the pilot fuel screw plug was drilled out (it seems to like 3.5-4 turns to idle best) and the main needles are not stock and have 5 clip positions. It originally seemed to hesitate/miss in the midrange like it was too lean so I lifted needles one clip both carbs and it ran much better but I noticed that the idle was hanging. I had the engine serviced at a Yamaha dealership (valves checked, carb clean) and have changed both the carb boots one of which was DEFINITELY leaking.. it runs good, smooth increase in RPM with throttle opening, no hesitations, has always started very easily but the mid-to-top end is lacking now and the idle still hangs! I'm going to try dropping the secondary needle one notch to see if that helps.. Any input here on tuning this thing would be appreciated! I will likely go to a larger pilot soon but it seems odd it didnt seem to need it before.
  11. SlowRideXT

    Countersteering /steering

    I think you might be overanalyzing your riding a little bit... I just say this because when I'm riding off-road, I'm "steering" or "countersteering" all the time to control the angle of the bike along with shifting my weight around and throttle/brake. All of those things combine to keep your bike at that lean. You will inevitably have to steer into the corner to correct for to much lean for a million different reasons Sometimes I probably wouldnt need to counter steer or steer at all in a corner, like when there are big berms or whatnot and I pull it off just right... I'm no expert by any means but I think if you practice alot your body weight and your bikes controls will work together to make the bike do what you want, you wont be "thinking" *should I anti-counter-steer now? * when you are about to tip over you will do it or eat dirt right? I mean, I'm forced to make small corrections all the time off-road just to go in a straight line. Anyway I say practice practice practice and ride in some deep sand at slow speeds I think you will need to use all of those things except maybe the brakes! ;p
  12. SlowRideXT

    Ok vintage owners, we need your help...

    Just an idea from an XR, XL and XT owner, maybe a new forum based on the bikes being long running trail oriented models? Just thought it might seperate these bikes from the more high performance modern dual sports and the truly "vintage" classics. Thanks for the great resource anyhow!
  13. This may be a stupid question but I just bought a new chain for an XT 350, a "DID 428" which is what the original says on the sideplate (going to do a 520 conversion later) but the new chain is much smaller - same length between links it seems but much much thinner side plate and overall width. The old chain was an o-ring chain I believe, the new one being a $20 cheapo brand - is this just what a big jump in the quality of the chain looks like?? I just want to make sure there isn't a concern that it's not the proper sze because this one REALLY looks like it should be on a mini-bike not a 350.
  14. SlowRideXT

    Log Riding

    Theres been lots of good posts on that topic already that have helped me out that you could probably search for. I recommend you check out www.trialstrainingcenter.com as well it has great step by step descriptions with pictures. Good luck!
  15. SlowRideXT

    XT350 Hanging idle

    It just seems strange that it didn't do this before as the pilot circuit should be the same, and I just technically made the main more rich didn't I?