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  1. 180lbs here. Straight stock except for one click in on the fork compression damping. Small adjustments on the fork settings make a big difference and I think the bike is set up for around 175 pounds so you won't have to touch the suspension at all, other than setting the rear sag (rear shock spring tension) to 100mm with your riding gear. Stock rear shock compression/rebound settings should be fine for your weight. Just set the sag.
  2. BillRoy

    450X Who has raised their forks?

    TTR225, I have thought about it. Watched the little ring that forms on the shiney part of the fork all season to see how far normal riding season compresses the travel and came nowhere near a full front-end bottom-out. I ride 90% slow technical single track and 10% doubletrack at 30 mph max, except for the odd rip down a back road to connect the trails (which poses no bottom-out risk. Being able to solidly plant my feet in the technical stuff is way more of a concern than a high speed full-bottom-out. It'll never happen in my world, but thanks for the concern. I really only raised them that much (just over 1" actually) to try to match as closely as possible the amount that the kouba link lowers the rear because I understand this bike is very very sensitive to changes in head angle with respect to steering.
  3. BillRoy

    450X Who has raised their forks?

    I have a Scotts underbar mount that raised my bars up enough that I could raise my forks up 1.5" to equal the kouba lowering link on the rear. With stabilizer the bike tracks like it is on rails going straight and turns on a dime.
  4. BillRoy

    Opinions about 450X

    450X is the goods! Dump the other two wheels you won't look back (except to see your old quad buddies in your dust).
  5. BillRoy

    Scotts under the bars?

    I have it on my bike. I like it. Raises the bars to more comfortable level for me and I stand up alot. It allows me to put the magura bar pad on that came with the bars and also mount my gps on the bar too. The damper tucks nicely under and away from harms way. The only thing I don't like about my scott's damper is the number of clicks you have to turn it to get adjustment. I ride a lot of mixed trail- tight trail that opens up then gets tight again, requiring 8 or 10 click adjustments. Pain/dangerous while riding. Sometimes I have to slow down or stop to redial. The damper itself is a nice well build unit. Best deal I got was from CRFs only but you can get it right from http://www.scottsperformance.com too. Same price I believe. Sometimes suppliers offer them cheaper than Scotts does directly. Also consider/research Emig, RTT, GPR. One of these has a slick handlebar remote to change the dampening. If scotts had that it would be the goods. The benefit of Scott's over these is it's high speed dampening circuit that protects from a quick jolt of the bar (rock, root) even when the low speed circuit is turned way down/off.
  6. BillRoy

    06 450x Rekluse - Jd Jet - Kouba Link - Skid Plate

    I put the kouba link on my 450X too. Was wondering how much you raised the forks in the triple clamps to compensate for the lower rear so steering isn't drastically changed??
  7. Doesn't seem worse when it is hot. Wondering about the Boysen Accelerator pump cover. Would that eliminate it.
  8. I have the JD kit for my 450X. 3000', 162 main, red needle 4th clip, Zip ty fuel screw 1 1/8 out. All else stock otherwise. Problem: As I roll the throttle off idle I get a slight hesitation in the rpm increase just off idle then a rapid increase. I wouldn't call it a 'bog' off idle because rpm doesn't drop. It is more like a delay in the rpm increase just off idle. Any help would be appreciated. It makes the low speed technical slippery conditions a nightmare because I can't get a smooth low throttle.
  9. I Installed the Kouba CRF4 link which lowers the rear 1 3/4". I want to get close to the original rake by sliding the forks up the max amount to coincide with the rear lowering of the link. How far can I slide the forks up in the mounts before I will get bottoming of the tire? (P.S. I have the Scott's underbar steering stabilizer which raises the bars considerably so I can slide the forks up quite a bit.
  10. BillRoy

    IMS gas tank

    I've got one for sale off my 02 CRF450R. I just bought an X and have a ton of aftermarket stuff for the 02 CRF. billm@maei.ca
  11. This is a question for James Dean (or anyone who knows for sure): I have the JD Jetting Kit for my 02 CRF450R. Can I use any / all of the kit contents for my newly-purchased 05 CRF450X. I notice they are both 40mm Keihn flat side carbs.... are they the same?
  12. BillRoy

    Measuring How Loud a Bike is

    The best way is to put Billm on the bike while you listen to it. If it hurts your ears and the ears of all the other riders in your group then it is too loud and should be shelved for those days at the track.
  13. BillRoy

    Rear brake question

    Here is a question; hopefully not a dumb one. When you fill the Master Cyll with fluid after bleeding, how do you prevent air from getting trapped between the rubber dampner and the fluid below it before putting the top back on?? Also, after you put the rubber dampner in do you pour fluid into the seal itelf before putting the top back on?? I've got a spongy rear brake that I've bought replacement parts for and just want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly on the re-install.
  14. BillRoy


    Here is a question; hopefully not a dumb one. When you fill the MC with fluid after bleeding how do you prevent air from getting trapped between the rubber seal and the fluid below it?? Also, after you put the rubber seal in do you pour fluid into the seal itelf before putting the lid back on?? Thanks, I too am having the same (spongy) problem with my 02 rear brake.