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  1. Captain_Toyota

    FJ Cruiser

    People have been asking for a vehicle that has the off-road capability of a 4Runner but isnt quite so upscale. The FJ is that vehicle. The LC Prado would be nice, but its ride is too "truck like" for what most people want in an SUV nowdays.
  2. Captain_Toyota

    is it bad to swtich from syn oil to dino?

    Its not good to switch back and forth from syn to dino and back. Sometimes synthetic and dino oils dont mix well together and it can create a gummy mess in your engine. If you do it once I think you would be OK, but dont do it all the time.
  3. Captain_Toyota

    Is this type of Oil Okay for my 2006 Yz250f

    As long as its approved for wet clutches you will be just fine.
  4. Captain_Toyota

    Midwest Supermoto.. new to the scene

    True, but you never know. If you have some good finishes perhaps a tire makers will pick you up. Its worth a shot. Im going to sign up next year when I start racing.
  5. Captain_Toyota

    Midwest Supermoto.. new to the scene

    Cleancut, have you ever tried going on www.sponsorhouse.com. A friend of mine MXs his 250F and he found a ton of sponsors off of that site. Heres a link to his page on that site: http://www.sponsorhouse.com/home/athlete_profile.php?numero=0&TOTAL=10&athleteID=107653&singleProfile=yes&returnURL=/home/athleteSearch.php?_result=1 To me, it looks like its very similar to MySpace...
  6. Captain_Toyota

    Jermy 'Twitch' Stenburg crash

    I agree, freestyle and freeriding are 2 different things. I enjoy watching FMX because of the sheer skill these guys have on a bike. The only thing I dont like is that the winner is decided by a judge. Sometimes the scoring is a little unfair. It seems like the most popular rider often wins. I saw Twitch's crash and it was pretty wicked. When he landed it pretty much folded his whole body up and then his whole body kinda snapped back and it looks like he banged his head on the ground pretty hard. Hopefully he can heal up and come back better than ever.
  7. I guess we will just see.
  8. Captain_Toyota

    2007 Yamaha LineUp 6/25 (tomorrow)

    The dealer I go through isnt. They dont BS and they dont pressure you into buying anything. I guess we'll find out in about 10 hours whos right and whos wrong.
  9. My dealer told me no major changes for '07.
  10. Captain_Toyota

    2007 Yamaha LineUp 6/25 (tomorrow)

    I was at the local Yamaha dealer yesterday looking at new 250Fs. I told the sales manager I was waiting to buy untill I see what is new for '07 and that if there were no big changes for '07 Id be going with an '06. He told me that there would be no major changes for '07. He informed me that Yamaha makes changes every 4 years and that you wont see a major change for at least another couple of years. I guess we will find out tomorrow if he was lying or not.
  11. Captain_Toyota

    Yamaha committed to 2-stroke?

    I dont think you will see Yamaha abandon 2-strokes. For MX bikes they dont really have to worry about emissions, so they can let them run as dirty as they want and its not a problem. Also, some people still prefer a 2-stroke over a 4-stroke. As was said, some people like that a 2-stroke is easier to throw around and they like the powerband. Yamaha has continued to upgrade and improve their 2-stroke bikes inspite of the fact that 4-strokes get all the attention in magazines these days.
  12. Captain_Toyota

    Thinking About Going With A 2 Stroke, But...

    I dont think a 2-stroke is a good option for woods riding because they make their power in the upper end of the rpm range. I think youd be much better off with a 250 4-stroke.
  13. Captain_Toyota

    Carbs out EFI IN!

    That would be nice. I hope that the bike industry doesnt get like the snowmobile industry has become. Every year the sled get more power, more suspension travel and get more and more expensive. A few years ago you could get one heck of a sled for $6000, today even the slower sleds go for over $6000 (the top of the line sleds for for $9000-$10,000+). Its so nice that even a top of the line MX bike is only about $7000 and I hope things stay that way.
  14. Captain_Toyota

    Midwest Supermoto.. new to the scene

    If you ride a Buell on the street then maybe youd be fine with a 450. I still think Id go with a 250F and just see how things go. You could always trade up to a 450 in a few years. Heres a link to how you advance from one class to the next: http://www.ama-cycle.org/rulebooks/supps/2006/supermoto.pdf "All riders must begin in one of the beginner, novice, amateur or sport-mini classes." "The race referee has the right to move riders from their chosen or assigned class if their performance jeopardizes their safety or the safety of the other competitors. Riders will be assigned to a class that is better suited to their skill and speed levels." "The top five (5) riders from each class that have accumulated a minimum of 3 podium finishes will be automatically placed into the next highest available class for the new season. Riders that cannot provide suitable equipment for their appointed class may apply in writing to the AMA for exemption." "Beginner Supermoto (No Championship for this class): Beginner rider with unlimited displacement single, or twin-cylinder machines with unlimited modifications except for mandatory wheel size of 17, 19, or 21 inches. This class is for people who are new to racing. We will use a 10 point system to graduate people out of this class. Minimum age 12. Earning 10 points in the Beginner class upgrades a rider to Novice status."
  15. Captain_Toyota

    Which Is Better For Me, Wr Or Yzf?

    It sounds like WR is the way to go for you. You could always get the WR's suspension revalved and make it much better for jumping. Also, the WRs have the trick digital gauges. I wish the YZs had that (replace the speedo with a tach).