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  1. dnthmn87

    Low compression/won't run

    I know this is pretty old but I found the bloody problem, after tearing it down to the piston 2 TIMES!, and still no signs of common causes of low compression, I tried starting it with no carb... BAM! Full unkickable compression. The linkage in my stock carb came disconnected, allowing the throttle slide to go ALL THE WAY down, and not ANY fresh air in the motor, hence the low compression/no start symptoms. Fixed the linkage and she fired right up, plenty of compression as well. Holy cow that was a nightmare with a good ending, who'd a thought the stupid carb would cause low low compression....??? At least it's over, glory be and Hallelujah
  2. dnthmn87

    Low compression/won't run

    The cam also doesn't show excessive wear, but I guess a could measure the lobes... Just weird how it suddenly lost compression, regained compression when reassembled, and then lost compression after kicking it over a bunch.
  3. dnthmn87

    Low compression/won't run

    I put my 2001 XR650R together with new intakes valves and resurfaced/cut exhaust valve face and reconditioned head by Honda shop. I used a new head gasket, timing chain and guides as well, and rode it about 300 miles. It ran great the whole time with good consistent power. One night I rode it around a couple blocks takin it easy, then hit Main Street and went through all the gears. As I slowed to a stop the bike died and wouldn't start no matter what I did, push start down hill, kickstarter, choke no choke, nothin. After about 40 kicks I noticed it had lost some compression, enough that I didn't have to use the decompression lever to kick it over I was able to just continue kicking it over and over again, The auto decompression on the cam has been removed long ago. So it was still hard to kick, but the compression stroke wouldn't stop me dead in the middle of a kick. The next day I noticed the radiator was really low and the overflow tank was fuller than I'd ever seen it. Suspecting an overheated condition, I took it all the way apart and had the head, cylinder, piston, rings all inspected down at the Honda shop, no issues, ring gap checked out ok, cylinder still smooth, valves still seating etc. The only thing was that the cylinder wasn't perfectly flat where it meets the head mating surface, so with emery cloth and a big square heavy piece of glass we smoothed it out, cuz it really wasn't far off in the first place. Reassembled with a new head gasket and rechecked valve clearance according to spec, and tried starting it. The first 15-20 kicks it had great/normal compression. Definitely needed the decomp lever to get past compression stroke. And it ALMOST started but then lost some compression again and still acts like it'll almost start, but won't. I suspected the decomp mechanism possibly interfering so I pulled it out and it still doesn't quite have normal compression. So I think I've eliminated the following; Worn cylinder/rings Poorly seating valves Mis adjusted valve clearance I also checked spark plug, threads are good and it's tight, didn't change it, but it still has spark Decomp mechanism interference Some possible useful facts; Bike easily has over 10,000 from previous owners, I've put maybe 2000 miles on it I had to have a steel sleeve installed, with a stock piston and new rings about 1200 miles ago. ( it was cheaper than renikasiling) New valves and recondition head 200 miles ago, and timing chain, guides etc. Running a custom k&n airfilter with prefilter, spark plug was light brown after that mod, but maybe a teenie weenie bit lean, maybe. Anything else I could check or should Re-check?
  4. dnthmn87

    How many miles on your Yamaha XT225?

    I just turned over 12,000 miles last week, going strong. Has some engine noise that worries me, but from what others are saying its fairly normal. I still might change out the timing chain, guides n such just to play it safe. I bought it with 10,900 miles but it was very well maintained. Anybody think its time for such a service? Guess i should just get a service manual.
  5. dnthmn87

    Fork Seal - 2003 WR450F

    Race Tech seals from Rocky Mountain atv
  6. dnthmn87

    No spark, random

  7. dnthmn87

    No spark, random

    I just picked up an 81 ATC185s from a neighbor for free, had to clean the carb and such, but barely got it running. I tested the spark before riding it and could see spark at the plug when I'd turn it over. But once it started it ran like crap for a min or two, then died and won't start. I checked the spark again, nothing. Bought a new spark plug, still no spark. Swapped coil with a parts wheeler, no spark. ??? The three wheeler seems to be in really go shape with little use for its age so I wouldn't guess the stator...??? help please!
  8. I recently bought a 2003 WR450, and I think might have had a baja designs kit on it at one point, because there is what might be(i know little to nothing about electrical systems) the rectifier that has the baja designs logo on it. It has an acerbis headlight, new battery, and working brake light. The problem is that when I rev the motor up the already dim headlight gets dimmer:foul:, but if I hit the rear brake at any rpm, the headlight gets brighter, and the brake light comes on too. As of now there are no signals, or horn on the bike, just an on/off switch for the headlight on the handlebars, and a high/low beam toggle switch on the side of the headlight.
  9. dnthmn87

    Full exhaust vs powerbomb

    Bout was i was expecting, but not what i was hoping, u always hope for more, but for the price i couldn't expect much more with exhaust prices these days!
  10. dnthmn87

    Full exhaust vs powerbomb

    I got my new header! I seems to have help in most areas, not as much bog right off idle, little more top end power, and actually quieted down a small notch it seems, i still have the stock muffler tho. Will have to change up my sprockets now to see how much it helps when its geared higher, its harder to tell now cause i can't really floor it from first. Then we'll try a muffler later in life!
  11. dnthmn87

    Full exhaust vs powerbomb

    I'm goin for power, so i'm gonna stick with the stock silencer and throw the power bomb on, i already ordered it. I dont neccesarily want it louder, but my brothers Yoshimura sounds pretty good, but isn't louder....Maybe for later.....
  12. I'm looking to get an exhaust for my WR400 and was curious to how much difference the muffler makes alone. Because my header is slightly bent from a tip over from the previous owner, and i noticed that my brothers WR with a full white brothers exhaust is just as quiet as mine, but has a noticeably bigger header pipe than my stock one, and there's a noticeable difference when i borrow his exhaust! Do i really need a muffler or should i just go buy a powerbomb header? Otherwise i'm looking at the Yoshimura full exhaust from rocky mtn.???
  13. dnthmn87

    Which exhaust???

    Yeah I havent seen alot of Muzzys around, but my brother has a DRZ and is running the Yoshimura. But i do have a welder friend that could possibly fabricate a header and mid pipe for me then i would just need the silencer, ill ask him about, but it probably wouldn't be pretty.
  14. dnthmn87

    Which exhaust???

    And has anyone tried the Muzzy exhaust? Theres a few on ebay right now for $350? Any good, header looks small....