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  1. holmesy450

    wiseco clutch basket install?

    I contacted wiseco, they said peen them even if the bolt is down in the thread. Last one I installed on my '04 the bolts came all the way through which made more sense. At the same time, I doubt I'll ever wear this basket out while I own the bike. So, peen the bolt-ruin the thread, or don't peen-save the threads and chance loosing a bolt in the bottom end.
  2. holmesy450

    wiseco clutch basket install?

    Just putting in a new wiseco basket on stock hub & gear, after I installed the new fasteners they did not protrude through the inside of the basket enough to peen the ends. Never had this happen, anyone else?
  3. holmesy450

    so what is nearest indoor track from Detroit area?

    Wallaceburg indoor mx, Wallaceburg, ON. Good place if you like indoor.
  4. holmesy450

    cma info needed

    www.canmocycle.ca If you can't find what you need there, they send out rule books, classes, etc. to members.
  5. holmesy450

    Out of country health insurance

    Just curious how many of us canadian riders buy health insurance for riding trips to the US. This is something I've come to think is absolutely foolish not to invest in. If you buy it, what are you paying for it also?
  6. holmesy450

    Kick starter noise

    A couple rides ago I installed a Wirtz adjustable fuel screw, which effects jetting at zero to quarter throttle. That's one thing I'll look into as a possible cause for lean jetting for sure, thanks for the reply.
  7. holmesy450

    Kick starter noise

    my o6 450r left me in the middle of the forest yesterday with this problem. I just finished taking the crankcase cover off to find the stopper plate and bolt ripped right out of the case leaving a large hole. Totally baffles me why this happened, I've searched these threads but still haven't heard anyone who has really figured out why this happens. I am leaning towards the kickback theory, but why did it kick back with such force, what's behind that? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. What a way to ruin a long weekend for sure!
  8. holmesy450

    Nigel Boerkamp Killed in head-on with ATV

    That's terrible, and a great kid too. Do you know where he was riding? Was it the Turkey Point area?
  9. holmesy450

    Weekly GTG's (S.W Ontario)

    A buddy wants to take me to the pit tommorrow, do you think it will be busy? and will I be able to ride my 4s there?
  10. holmesy450

    Baja mx May 16?

    Does anyone know if they're still open for practice today? Their website doesn't say anything and the phone # doesn't work. It rained quite a bit at my place and probably there too.
  11. holmesy450

    what tracks are you going to hit up this year?

    ya I still hit Morton during the week when I just need to get out for an hour or so, or to test the bike. There is absolutely no where else to go within about two hours and sometimes I just need to get out. I've heard of grattan but never went, maybe this year.
  12. holmesy450

    what tracks are you going to hit up this year?

    Baja several times, Red Bud whenever they're open for practice, log road, freelin, gopher dunes, the pit, morton terminal. In that order. I know alot of you guys are from Kitchener to T.O. area but the U.S. tracks are where it's at.
  13. holmesy450

    National Hare Scrambles!

    I just started racind HS two years ago, and like the tight single track aspect. When I want fast mx style riding I go to an mx track. And I still wanna race the tight HS tracks.
  14. holmesy450

    Dead 03 Crf 450!!!! Why??????

    Just wondering why you would be clutching your 450, to me that's a no-no.
  15. holmesy450

    Last Man Standing 9pm!!!!! Speed

    That just made me even more anxious for spring and some HS racing. That track was just unbelievable...crazy!