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  1. Arizona

    They closed up shop.
  2. Arizona

    Scooby called me. Asked me to post that he's going to be at Mesquite at 9AM and finishing up around noon. I wish I had a truck... have fun guys!
  3. What ever happened with that? The one out at MM has been there for years. It's been rolled down the wash and is half burried in sand. I could get you a GPS coordinate if you were so inlcined. It'd cost you more to recover it than it would to buy a used one.
  4. Sounds like Allen (I think that's his name). He's a nice guy unless you're acting like a fool- then he'll put you in your place.
  5. I know where there is a Cherokee body in a wash out at MM. Nothing left but the body.
  6. Hit up Grinding Stone and for trails head out to Sycamore.
  7. I'm a maybe. Carlos may join me but I doubt it. I know a few good B level rides in the area.
  8. Sounds awesome. I love that area. Got plans this weekend but if you don't get any takers plan something for after Columbus Day and I'll try to make it.
  9. I planned a "round the peaks ride" a while back. I think 12 people started and 3 completed it. Fatigue, broken bikes, and weather were the reasons people bailed out. Of the 3 that completed it 2 were on pigs- one an XR600 and the other a newer XR650. I was on my WR400. It's a fun trip but definately a FULL days ride if you've never done it.
  10. Have you looked at the BMWs? Just another to consider. I've ridden one on a short off road test ride and was impressed for a DS bike.
  11. I'm for sure. Bike is loaded. Got GPS, some first aid, some tools, water for myself and extra for *, don't have a camera but my cell phone works for that and has a GPS in it for a back up. Still looking for the tow strap. Brett- call me with a time. I'll try to re-check the thread but call just in case I miss it.
  12. I'll have some tools and my tow strap with me. What time are you thinking? At cattleguard?
  13. I will be looking for both.
  14. That depends on how direct of a route you want to take. The only way I'm thinking I can get in with the truck involves going in from lower. I'll review my GPS track logs tonight and plot a good truck route. For the bikes, some ST would make it more direct.
  15. Bike runs- pilot circuit clogged but I'll clean the carb in a few. I know the area the bike is in and how to get there, both by bike and with my truck. I'm in assuming the carb cleans up.